Badminton Swats Portledge to Remain Unbeaten

Annie Cao (PC: Jackie Mihaley)

On Friday afternoon, the badminton team improved to 3-0 in league play with a 9-2 victory over Portledge. Combined with routs for the girls’ lacrosse and baseball teams, the victory helped the Bears win Portledge Day, 3-2, over our rivals.

Daniel Wong (15-6, 15-8), Ethan Rao (15-6, 15-6), Irene Qin (15-0, 15-6), Annie Cao (15-5, 15-3), and Erin He (15-6, 15-8) took five of the six singles matches, while Aidan Riley and Andrew Wong (15-10, 15-10), Steven Yu and David Chang (15-5, 15-6), Catherine Wang and Hanna Shi (15-4, 15-5), and Emily Yao and Jason Kim (15-8, 15-7) secured wins at doubles.


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