School Records


Batting Avg./Season.607Pete Grimm1999
Complete Games/Season9Cameron Thiessen1989
Doubles/Season10Joe Wozny2018
ERA/Season0.23Cameron Thiessen1990
ERA (Team)/Season1.871990
Extra Base Hits/Season14Rob Dambra1985
Fielding %/Season.974Cameron Thiessen1988
Hit Streak15Doug Alioth1987
Hits/Season39Doug Alioth1987
Hits (Team)/Season1971984
Home Runs/Season5Rob Dambra1987
Innings Pitched/Season67.1Cameron Thiessen1989
RBIs/Season38Rob Dambra1987
Runs/Season35Jordan Nixon1988
Runs (Team)/Season2091986
Stolen Bases/Season33Tim Grimes1990
Strikeouts/Game17Bill Weigand1957
Strikeouts/Season121Joe Wozny2018
Strikeouts (Team)/Season1771987
Triples/Season53 tied*1984
Walks/Season29Mark Very1988
Win % (Coach)/Career.673Tom Grimm1995-99
Wins/Season9Barry Drill1966
Wins (Coach)/Career121Don Gaebelein1964-68, 71-76
Wins (Team)/Consecutive161987
Wins (Team)/Season211996
*Sam Hanchett (1972), George Munson (1982) & Ron Mentus (1984)

Boys’ Basketball

Field Goals/Game20Jonas Fischer1994
Points/Game54Dave Wilson1978
Points/Career1,237Tim Pandolfi2008-11
Points per Game/Season27.3Tim Pandolfi2011
Wins/Career300Mike Hickey1989-2019

Girls’ Basketball

Points/Game44Niamh Scanlon2023
Wins/Career225Keith Singer1990-2010

Boys’ Cross Country

5k at Sunken Meadow15:43.0Andy Whitney1978
Wins (Team)/Season101991
Wins/Career205Marvin Goldberg1945-80

Girls’ Cross Country

5k at Sunken Meadow18:26.2Laura Whitney1981
State Championships4Laura Whitney1977-79, 1981
Wins/Season62008 & 2013


Completions/Game32Derek Kenney1995
Passing Yards/Game466Derek Kenney1995
Passing Yards/Season1,750Derek Kenney1997
Passing Yards/Career4,760Derek Kenney1994-97
Receiving TD/Season12Matt Mattimore1994
Receiving Yards/Game276Marc Vega1995
Receiving Yards/Season786Marc Vega1995
Receptions/Game16Marc Vega1995
Receptions/Season51Charlie Hanchett1996
Rushing TD/Game6Don Liotine2011
Rushing TD/Season33Don Liotine
Rushing Yards/Game340Don Liotine2011
Rushing Yards/Season1,666Don Liotine2012
Rushing Yards/Career3,718Don Liotine2008-2012
TD Passes/Game5Derek Kenney1995
TD Passes/Season21Derek Kenney
TD Passes/Career62Derek Kenney1994-97
Wins/Career75Floyd Johnson1941-62, 67-68


Girls’ Lacrosse

Goals/Game12Caitlin Banks1997

Boys’ Soccer

Goals/Game5Jay Miaritis1997
Goals/Season23Jai Narain2018
Goals (Team)/Game162022

Girls’ Soccer

Goals/Game6Donna Sanders2018
Goals/Season30Donna Sanders2018
Goals (Team)/Game102010



Strikeouts/Game20Juanita Gonzalez2004 (twice)
Strikeouts/Season306Juanita Gonzalez2004
Strikeouts/Career1,153*Juanita Gonzalez2000-05
*Long Island record

Boys’ Swimming

100 Backstroke55.72Will Smith1992
100 Breaststroke1:00.12Hunter Markowitz2020
100 Butterfly53.60Roger Wycoff1984
50 Freestyle21.88Hunter Markowitz2019
100 Freestyle47.62Hunter Markowitz2018
200 Freestyle1:45.38Will Smith1993
500 Freestyle4:40.40Roger Wycoff1984
200 Freestyle Relay1:28.20*1993
400 Freestyle Relay3:23.0*1992
200 IM1:59.23Roger Wycoff1984
200 Medley Relay1:43.67*1993
Diving205.05Chris Cafici2003
*Steve Meltzer, Jonathan Meltzer, Will Smith & Jean Crousillat

Girls’ Swimming

100 Backstroke1:01.99Madi Sargent2018
100 Breaststroke1:07.66Amanda Shapiro2002
100 Butterfly59.71Madi Sargent2018
50 Freestyle25.06Rebecca Crane2019
100 Freestyle53.75Madi Sargent2018
200 Freestyle1:53.41Madi Sargent2019
500 Freestyle5:05.70Madi Sargent2019
200 Freestyle Relay1:43.64Rebecca Crane, Ruth Crane, Sarah Vincent, Madi Sargent2019
400 Freestyle Relay3:48.45Madi Sargent, Yesenia McKee, Rachel Crane, Rebecca Crane2017
200 IM2:13.42Amanda Shapiro2002
200 Medley Relay1:56.84Amelia Griffin, Kaitlyn Tse, Sofua Arrascue, Ruth Crane2021
Diving116.62Debi Brinson1999

Boys’ Indoor Track

55 Meters6.53Taylor Colucci2012
60 Meters7.16Khoren Lawson2011
High Jump7′ 2.5″*Jyles Etienne2017
Triple Jump44′ 3.25″Khoren Lawson
*NY #2, LI #1 all-time

Boys’ Outdoor Track

100 Meters10.84 (FAT)Charles Tankeh2014
110 Meter Hurdles21.80 (FAT)Ben Pinder2001
200 Meters21.80 (FAT)Taylor Colucci2012
400 Meters48.2Kevin Lockerbie
400 Meter Hurdles55.68Colin Scanlon2019
800 Meters1:51.9Don Lockerbie
1600 Meters4:14.5Andy Whitney
1600 Meter Walk7:01.7Markos Kidane
3000 Meters9:02.9Andy Whitney
3000 Meter Steeplechase10:19.8Christian Pidoux
4×100 Meter Relay42.96Khoren Lawson, Jon Wentling, Andrew White, Taylor Colucci2011
4×400 Meter Relay3:24.0Kevin Lockerbie, Steve Crawford, Ed Young, Don Lockerbie
4×800 Meter Relay8:18.5Rich Wittman, Paul Roberts, Andy Hoffman, Marc Conti
Discus167′ 3″Zach Mogambi2023
Shot Put55′ 11.25″Paul Cuffari1950
High Jump7′ 1.75″Jyles Etienne2017
Long Jump22′ 2.5″Gary Webster
Triple Jump44′ 2.5″Khoren Lawson
Javelin165′ 8″Mike Noble1964
Pole Vault12′ 6″Matt Hollis
Pentathlon2,880*Matt Hollis
Octathlon4,449Matt Hollis
Decathlon5,430Matt Hollis
*Achieved during a decathlon, not a pentathlon proper

Girls’ Outdoor Track

100 Meters12.5Khanesha Robinson
100 Meter Hurdles15.8Lilly Keegan2023
100 Meter Hurdles15.95 (FAT)Lilly Keegan2023
200 Meters26.1Khanesha Robinson
400 Meters60.2Cynthia Graf
400 Meter Hurdles69.15 (FAT)Rebecca Hollis2012
800 Meters2:17.5Hannah Powlison
1500 Meters4:46.5Laura Whitney
1500 Meter Walk8:20.38Rebecca Shin
Mile5:02.4Laura Whitney
2000 Meter Steeplechase7:52.98Miranda Harrigan2016
3000 Meters10:01.8Laura Whitney
4×100 Meter Relay51.4Brittany Bell, Bekah Sides, Brittany Chandler, Alex Van Tuyl
4×400 Meter Relay4:04.2Sara Morrison, Ellyn Lockerbie, Joy Marvin, Dina Gilbert
4×800 Meter Relay9:37.6Joy Marvin, Ellyn Lockerbie, Diane Fonseca, Laura Whitney
Swedish Relay2:33.90Quinn Davey, Scarlett Davey, Lilly Keegan, Evelyn Apazidis2023
Discus116′ 11.5″Erva Cockfield
Shot Put36′ 11.5″Erva Cockfield
High Jump5′ 2″Khanesha Robinson & Alex Van Tuyl
Long Jump16′ 5″Lilly Keegan2023
Triple Jump36′ 7″Rebecca Hollis
Pole Vault7′ 0″Allie Damianos


  1. RECORD FOR 440 YARDS as of 1957 was 51.5. [tracks in those days were slow cinders and after rain, muddy]. In 1958, my senior year on fast dry track in NJ I ran 51.5 and in my last race for SBS about May 1O,1958 ran 51.O FOR A NEW SCHOOL RECORD at Brown Invitation in Rhode Is.I think several SBS runners broke 50 in the next few years. National hs RECORD then was about 47.2 and Duke record was only 48.5 .


    • And I think it will for quite a while Erva! Remember the year book quote under your discus picture? “Erva really puts her spin on things.” Nice.


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