Earl DowneyMay 7, 1945vs. St. Paul’s
David JohnsonMay 14, 1960vs. Riverdale
Mike Masterson*April 26, 1961vs. St. Paul’s
Barry DrillMay 3, 1965vs. St. Paul’s
Chris MatthewsMay 9, 1980vs. Center Moriches
Rich KinsleyApril 28, 1984vs. Longwood
Jordan NixonApril 23, 1987vs. Eastport
Paul HabibiMarch 25, 1988vs. Wyandanch (5 inn.)
Cameron ThiessenApril 17, 1990vs. Eastport
Joe Wozny & T.J. WachterApril 17, 2019vs. Waldorf (5 inn.)
*Perfect Game

.450 Batting Average

Dave Swanson1943.452
Don Gaebelein1945.460
Doug Korber1973.452
Ron Mentus1984.492
Doug Alioth1987.488
Phil Leek1990.463
Pete Grimm1999.607

Boys’ Basketball

1,000 Career Points

Drake Womack19721,025
Dave Wilson19781,025
Jonas Fischer19941,060
Matt Mattimore1995
Steve Harney2004
Tim Pandolfi20111,237
Robbie Colarusso20151,003

50 Points in a Game

Dave Wilson1978vs. Eastport54
Jonas Fischer1994vs. Shelter Island50


Burt Vimont2003vs. Southold

Girls’ Basketball

1,000 Career Points

Rebecca Fischer1999
Kristyn Dunleavy2007
Danielle Spiliotis2009
Sadie Singer2010
Brannon Burke2011
Beth Felix2018

20 Win Seasons


Cross Country

Boys’ Cross Country

Under 17:00 min. on Sunken Meadow Championship Course (5k)

Mark Whitney197715:447th in history
Andy Whitney197815:436th in history
Andy Hoffman198316:44

Top 15 at State Championship Meet

Don Lockerbie19735th
Mark Whitney19762nd
Andy Whitney19774th
Mark Whitney19771st
Andy Whitney19781st
Andy Hoffman198315th
Andy Hoffman19847th
Dan Hickey200211th
Billy Collins200711th
Riley Corcoran201812th
Riley Corcoran20198th

Under 17:00 min. on S.T. Hsaio Home Course (5k)

Andy Hoffman198316:47
Dan Hickey200216:59

Cross Country

Girls’ Cross Country

Under 19:00 min. on Sunken Meadow Championship Course (5k)

Laura Whitney198118:2619th in history

Top 15 at State Championship Meet

Laura Whitney19771st
Laura Whitney19781st
Laura Whitney19791st
Laura Whitney19804th
Laura Whitney19811st


1,000 Passing Yards in a Season

Toby Hanchett19911,055
Derek Kenney19951,724
Derek Kenney19961,150
Derek Kenney19971,750

1,000 Rushing Yards in a Season

Kendall “Shorty” Haff19481,200
Randy Ellison19721,079
Terrance Anderson20061,088
Don Liotine20111,112
Don Liotine20121,666

200 Rushing Yards in a Game

Kevin Lockerbie1976vs. Friends Academy240
Anthony Passalacqua1998vs. Babylon242
Terrance Anderson2005vs. Bayport-Blue Point236
Don Liotine2011vs. Southampton340
Don Liotine2012vs. Greenport262
Ben Walter2014vs. Wyandanch210



Juanita Gonzalez2002vs. John Glenn (5 inn.)
Juanita Gonzalez2003vs. Mercy
Juanita Gonzalez2004
Juanita Gonzalez2005vs. Mercy

20 Strikeout Games

Juanita Gonzalez2004
Juanita Gonzalez2004vs. Mercy

Boys’ Outdoor Track

Under 4:30 for 1600 Meters

Bob Sieber19604:29
Andy Whitney19794:14.5
Dan Hickey20024:28.8
Dan Hickey20034:29
Billy Collins20084:27.5


100 Career Victories

Austin Hulse2013

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