Hall of Fame

Osuna/MWG 1952 XC
Marvin Goldberg advises Jim Osuna in 1952

Established in 1995, The Interscholastic Athletic Hall of Fame honors those Stony Brook scholar–athletes whose athletic achievement and personal character made them an example to their peers, and who will serve as a continued example to future generations.

Recipients excelled in interscholastic athletic competition while at Stony Brook and embodied the school’s motto, “Character Before Career.”


1995Marvin W. GoldbergCross Country & Track Coach
1995O. Floyd Johnson ’32Coach & Athletic Director
1995Robin Lingle ’60Cross Country & Track
1997Thomas Brohard, Jr. ’25Student-Athlete, Teacher, Coach
1997John W.A. Buyers ’46Football, Basketball, Baseball, Track
1997Don Lockerbie ’75Cross Country, Winter Track, Track
1997Kevin Lockerbie ’77Football, Winter Track, Track
1997Allan F. Malachuk ’58Football, Basketball, Baseball
1997Jordan Nixon ’88Football & Baseball
1997Julius C. Ward ’34Wrestling
1997Ann Marie Wycoff ’859-Time National NCAA Swimming Champion
1998Bill Alhouse ’43Football, Basketball, Baseball
1998Frank A. Visted ’57Football, Basketball, Baseball
1999Wallace Kendall “Shorty” Haff ’49Football, Basketball, Baseball, Track
1999Glenn Ogden ’65Cross Country & Track
1999Philip F. Voegelin ’34Football & Wrestling


2000Peter Gordon Randall ’65Cross Country, Basketball, Baseball, Track
2000John A. Ryder ’42Football, Basketball, Baseball, Track
2001Bruce C. Dodd, Jr. ’49Cross Country, Football, Basketball, Track
2001David R. Swanson ’45Football, Basketball, Baseball
2002Paul I. Cuffari ’50Football & Track
2002Scott J. Dodd ’77Cross Country, Wrestling, Track
2003Peter H. Hensley ’83Football, Basketball, Baseball
2003Norman J. Wiedersum ’39Football, Wrestling, Track
2004Earl Downey ’45Football, Basketball, Baseball, Track
2004William H. Downey ’45Football, Basketball, Wrestling, Baseball, Tennis, Track
2004Jacob C.Y. Kenney ’96Football, Wrestling, Lacrosse
2005Evelyn M. Scanlon ’80Cross Country, Basketball, Softball, Track
2005Harold C. Spooner ’70Football, Basketball, Track
2006Robert P. Glover ’31Football, Basketball, Baseball, Track
2006Eugene R. Myers ’31Football, Basketball, Baseball, Tennis, Track
2007Will Harrison ’77Football, Wrestling, Tennis
2007John Weber ’57Football, Wrestling, Baseball
2008William H. Johnson III ’63Football, Wrestling, Track
2008S. Michael Koh ’88Football, Wrestling, Tennis, Track
2009Clarence “Tonnie” Coane ’59Cross Country & Track
2009Anne Shybunko-Moore ’89Cross Country, Basketball, Track


2010Diego Vega ’80Football, Basketball, Baseball
2011Stuart E. Dow ’56Football, Basketball, Wrestling, Track
2011Emma Bartow Marshall ’76Field Hockey, Volleyball, Basketball, Softball, Track
2012Walter J. Henry ’82America’s Cup Champion
2013Richard Skripak ’58Football, Basketball, Baseball
2014Jonas Fischer ’94Football, Basketball, Lacrosse
2014Rebecca Fischer ’99Soccer, Basketball, Track
2015Andrew A. Hoffman ’85Cross Country, Basketball, Track
2015John S. Medd, Jr. ’40Football, Basketball, Tennis
2016Jerry Armfield ’66Basketball & Track
2016Paul F. Ciofrone ’96Basketball & Baseball
2016Robbin M. Marvin ’96Soccer, Basketball, Baseball
2016Matthew J. Mattimore ’95Football, Basketball, Tennis, Track
2017Peter Carmel ’07Soccer, Basketball, Track
2017Kristyn Dunleavy ’07Basketball & Volleyball
2018Doug Alioth ’88Soccer, Basketball, Baseball
2018Dave Wilson ’78Basketball & Track
2019Amanda Shapiro ’04Swimming
2019Roger Wycoff ’84Swimming


2020Juanita Gonzalez ’05Tennis, Basketball, Softball
2020Jin Han Justin Song ’05Football & Track
2021Brannon Burke ’11Soccer, Basketball, Track
2021Donna Liotine ’11Soccer, Basketball, Softball, Track
2022Will Lingle ’02Cross Country, Winter Track, Track
2022Taylor Colucci ’12Football, Winter Track, Track


  1. Our family just visited the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, OH. Seeing Stony Brook’s own hall of fame up on the web seems like a great contribution to that larger tradition. Well done!


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