On This Day in History | 1945

The 1944-45 basketball squad

On this day 77 years ago, the basketball team closed the season with a satisfying win over St. Dominic’s. Here is the recap of the game from Newsday.


Stony Brook Wins over St. Dominic’s, 28 to 22

Revenge is sweet and Stony Brook School helped itself to some Saturday afternoon when it upset St. Dominic’s of Oyster Bay, 28-22, here, in a return basketball match between the two fives. The Saints had trimmed the Brookers by one point, 30-29, earlier in the season on its own court and the Suffolkites had been preparing themselves for the game for the past two weeks.

Dick Vurture, starting his first game of the season (he subbed for Bill Downey, who was laid up with a bad foot), personally paced his team to victory in true story book fashion as he clicked for eight points, four of them coming in the final period, to decide the tilt.

The home quintet took an early three-point lead as it closed out the first period with an 8-5 advantage, but the Saints bounced right back into the game in the second quarter to trail by but one point at the half-way mark. Score at the time was 13-12 in favor of the Brookers.

Tallying six points and holding Stony Brook to five, the Saints knotted up the score at the end of the third frame only to see Vurture and Capt. Charley Medd team up and tally eight of the Brookers’ ten points as it came through with but four.

Medd, high scorer of the victors, failed to tally a single bucket but found the range for five fouls, four in the deciding period. The win gave Stony Brook a record of seven wins and 10 losses for the season and an even split with St. Dominic’s in their two tilts.


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