Class Night 2019

On Friday May 24, the annual Class Night festivities took place to honor the academic, athletic, and student life achievements from the 97th year of the Stony Brook School. Here is the athletic portion of the proceedings.


In 97 years of Stony Brook Athletics there has never been a year quite like this one.

The Bears migrated to the fresh hunting grounds of a new league and in short order we established ourselves as the apex predators.

Every single varsity team made the playoffs, registering eight tournament championships and five regular season championships, both single-year records in the 32-year history of the Private Schools Athletic Association. 13 is also the most team titles we have ever won in a single year.

  • The badminton team went undefeated in league play, winning regular season and tournament titles behind the play of league MVP Jerry Liu and postseason MVP Tony Yu.
  • The baseball team went undefeated in league play, earning the regular season title, the first tournament title in 20 years, and the program’s first state tournament victory. Joe Wozny was named the league MVP, T. J. Wachter the postseason MVP.
  • The girls’ basketball team earned their first league title since 2013, led by league MVP Beth Felix.
  • The boys’ and girls’ cross country teams nearly swept their league championship meets as Riley Corcoran and Sarah Wong earned individual crowns.
  • Thomas DeRose, Alysa Jette, Jack Crager, and Isabella Seminario led the spring dinghy sail team to a runner-up finish in the New York State Championship.
  • The boys’ soccer team won the first tournament championship in their history in a thrilling 2-1 upset of LuHi. Their 13 wins set a school record.
  • The girls’ tennis team went undefeated and won the tournament championship, led by league MVP Sadhana Sridhar and postseason MVP Nicolette Carlo.
  • The boys’ track team won their first team championship since 1989. Colin Scanlon won two individual titles to lead the Brook. This past Wednesday Colin also won the state title in the 400 Hurdles at the NYSAIS Championships.
  • The girls’ track team won their first title since 2000, powered by Francine Leung’s victories in the long and triple jumps.
  • The volleyball team went undefeated in league play for the second consecutive season, led by league MVP Liz Robbins.
  • Eight school records fell courtesy of Madi Sargent, Rebecca Crane, Ruthie Crane, Sarah Vincent, Donna Sanders, Jai Narain, and Hunter Markowitz.

You all accomplished incredible things this year. My hope is that you took away more than just the thrill of victory. Paul writes in 1 Corinthians 9: “Every athlete who competes in the games goes into strict training. They do it to receive a crown that will not last, but we do it to receive a crown that will last forever.”

Take the lessons you learned this year and use them in your life’s race. Strive for the crown that does not whither, the prize of the only race that ultimately matters.

With that, let’s honor the teams and individuals that made this past year such a special one.


Major Athletic Awards

John Long Manager’s Award

Given to the athletic team manager who shows the responsibility and dedication demonstrated by John Long, Class of ’75.

Our recipient went beyond her call as a manager in her time, dedication, and love for her team, even going so far as providing her own personal awards for the team at the season’s end. For her incredible contribution to the girls’ varsity soccer team, it is my honor to present this award to…

  • Ning Guan

Clyde L. Mellinger Award

Two trophies in memory of Clyde L. Mellinger, the first Director of Athletics at The Stony Brook School, awarded to the eighth grade girl and boy, who have best demonstrated good sportmanship, courage, and best use of ability.

Each of our recipients made an impact on three varsity teams, earning All-League honors in the process. Both also qualified for New York State Independent School Championships in their respective sports. They will be cornerstones of our athletic program for years to come.

  • Niamh Scanlon & Forest Kaplan-Walbrecht

Thomas W. Brohard, Jr. ’25 Wrestling Award

Named in honor of the SBS faculty member who is credited with bringing interscholastic wrestling to Long Island schools.  This annual cash award, endowed by Thomas W. Brohard III ’65, the late John S. Cather ’35 and his widow Edith Cather, is given to offset the college expenses of a wrestler.

Our recipient was a true leader for the wrestling squad this year through his daily, quiet determination and exemplary work ethic. For his outstanding character and performance in varsity wrestling, it is my honor to present this award to…

  • Alan Wang

The Bear Blanket

Presented to athletes who demonstrate a consistent contribution of quality performances in athletic competition based on a points system and an application.

  • Riley Corcoran
  • Francine Leung
  • Jai Narain
  • Seamus Scanlon
  • Owen Sobel
  • Caleb Spreckels

Marvin W. Goldberg Coach’s Award

Awarded to the coach who has demonstrated professionalism, expertise and compassion towards his or her athletic team. This award is voted upon by the varsity coaches of the Stony Brook School, lending the recipient the admiration of his or her peers.

This year’s recipient is beloved by his students and athletes alike not in spite of his high standards, but as a result of them. He accepts nothing less than the best, and then devotes a tremendous amount of time and energy toward helping his students achieve just that. This year he led the cross country and track teams to league championship crowns, earning PSAA Coach of the Year honors in both. He carries on the legacy of legendary names like Goldberg, Lingle, and Morley.

  • David Hickey

Swanson Trophy for Superior Performance

Two trophies awarded in memory of the late Robert S. and Louise Swanson by Mary Jane and John P. Swanson ’47 for superior male and female athletic performance.

In the storied history of our girls’ soccer program, no player has turned in a season quite like our recipient. She unleashed a torrid scoring streak, ignited by a school record six-goal performance in a victory over Northwood. She recorded five hat tricks on the season including two games of five goals and one of four. Her 30 goals on the season also set our school record and ranked her second on Long Island. But as our recipient moves on from the Brook, she leaves behind more than a bevy of goals and a bundle of memorable victories. She leaves a legacy of play for Stony Brook athletes to model, proving that joy, selflessness, and sportsmanship need not dull the competitive edge.

  • Donna Sanders

Our male recipient also engineered a historic scoring performance, breaking the 24-year-old mark for the boys’ soccer program with 23 goals this fall. He recorded five hat tricks on the season and his 30 points were tied for first among Long Island private school players as he led the team to its first tournament championship. But his value to the team went far beyond his offensive potency. His passion, work ethic, and selflessness galvanized the team and helped them to see further than they otherwise could have. His five-year career as a Bear will long serve as a model for how a Stony Brook athlete should compete and conduct him or herself both on and off the field.

  • Jai Narain

Swanson Trophy for Best All-Around Athlete

Two trophies awarded in memory of the late Robert S. and Louise Swanson by Mary Jane and John P. Swanson ’47 to the persons whose all-around ability, sportsmanship, and courage in varsity competition enabled them to make the greatest contribution to Stony Brook teams.

Fire can be a galvanizing or a destructive force. When controlled, fire can shape, power, and strengthen, all things the competitive fire of our female recipient contributed to her teams. Her 22 points on the soccer pitch powered the Bears to the league championship game, and placed her fifth among Long Island private school players. Her 22.3 points per game on the basketball court led the Brook to its first League Championship in six years. No matter the stakes, no matter the opponent, no matter how big the moment, her fire is never extinguished, her courage incandescent. Her three years as a Bear sets a standard of excellence for all who follow her.

  • Beth Felix

Our male recipient is a steel rod in the backbone of all three of his teams. His 21 points were fourth among Long Island private school soccer players and his fearless midfield play helped lead the boys’ soccer team to the title. On the basketball court, his willingness to battle inside against much larger opponents infused his team with courage. On the lacrosse field, his physicality and nose for the goal led the team back to the playoffs in their first year back at the varsity level. He earned All-League honors in all three sports, the only Stony Brook athlete to accomplish that feat this year.

  • Owen Sobel

Bruce Finlay Vanderveer Award

The Vanderveer Trophy is our school’s oldest athletic award. Endowed in memory of Bruce Vanderveer ’31 and presented to the athlete who has shown the highest qualitties of sportsmanship.  For 82 years it was presented specifically to a football player. Now it represents the standard for which every Stony Brook athlete should strive.

This is our school’s oldest athletic award, first presented in 1933 to honor the passing of Bruce Vanderveer Class of ’31, who remains a model for every Stony Brook student-athlete, 88 years after his graduation.

Bruce would love the way our recipient competes. He balances a fierce desire to win with quiet humility and evident joy in competition. You can sometimes catch a slight grin on his face as he churns out a victorious race. He leads by example, compelling his teammates on by his actions, instead of his words. He honors his opponent with his respect, preparation, and effort. Everyone in this room can be proud to be represented by him each time he steps up to the starting line.

  • Riley Corcoran


Fall Athletic Awards

Marvin Goldberg Boys’ Cross Country Award

Endowed by the late David W. Cloos, M.D. ’61 and Nancy Cloos Babin.

  • Performance: Riley Corcoran
  • Contribution: Joshua Lin

Girls’ Cross Country Award

  • Performance: Sarah Wong
  • Contribution: Simona Smitaite

Michael G. Hickey Golf Award

Given by Daniel ’04, Michael ’05, David ’08, and Sarah ’09 in honor of their father, SBS coach and faculty member, Michael G. Hickey.

  • Performance: Steven Ou
  • Contribution: Chris Kang

Fall Dinghy Sailing Award

  • Performance: Jack Crager
  • Contribution: Ella Simmons

Brandon Stuckey Boys’ Soccer Award

Endowed by Phyllis and Schuyler Stuckey with love and pride for their son, Brandon Stuckey ’93.

  • Performance: Jai Narain
  • Contribution: Aidan Mega

Girls’ Soccer Award

  • Performance: Beth Felix
  • Contribution: Alyssa Martinez

Girls’ Swimming Award

  • Performance: Madison Sargent
  • Contribution: Anya Caraiani

Buyers Girls’ Tennis Award

  • Performance: Sadhana Sridhar
  • Contribution: Ali Birgeles

Volleyball Award

  • Performance: Rebekah Detwiler
  • Contribution: Liz Robbins


Winter Athletic Awards

Taft Boys’ Basketball Award

Endowed by Lyman Taft ’45.

  • Performance: Owen Sobel
  • Contribution: Jai Narain

Girls’ Basketball Award

  • Performance: Beth Felix
  • Contribution: Sarah Hull

Boys’ Swimming Award

  • Performance: Hunter Markowitz
  • Contribution: Spencer Griffin

Norman J. Wiedersum Wrestling Award

Endowed by Norman J. Wiedersum ’39.

  • Performance: Eze Barrah
  • Contribution: Carter Brett


Spring Athletic Awards

Boys’ Badminton Award

  • Performance: Jerry Liu
  • Contribution: Jack Yu

Girls’ Badminton Award

  • Performance: Leslie Kang
  • Contribution: Ella Liu

Swanson Baseball Award

Given by Mary Jane and John P. Swanson ’47.

  • Performance: T. J. Wachter
  • Contribution: Dan Rueda

Boys’ Lacrosse Award

  • Performance: Nick Jaferis
  • Contribution: Bobby Reuter

Girls’ Lacrosse Award

  • Performance: Morgan Ruggieri
  • Contribution: Ava McCormick

Spring Dinghy Sailing Award

  • Performance: Jack Crager
  • Contribution: Ella Simmons

Pierson Curtis Boys’ Tennis Award

Given by the family of Mr. Jan C. Parmentier ’43, in memory of the School’s first tennis coach.

  • Performance: Brandon Gicquel
  • Contribution: Andy Liu

Downey Boys’ Track Award

Given by the family of Bill and Earl Downey ’45, in their memory.

  • Performance: Colin Scanlon
  • Contribution: Riley Corcoran

Laura J. Shybunko Memorial Girls’ Track Award

Endowed by the family of Laura J. Shybunko, mother of Donna Shybunko ’83 and Anne Shybunko Moore ’89, in memory of her life of courage and strength.

  • Performance: Francine Leung
  • Contribution: Lely Garner


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