Fall Postseason Honors

B Soccer 2018
Kutame led the boys to the PSAA Championship (PC: Newsday)

The fall season provided many memorable moments including a record six team league championships, the most in 289 seasons of Stony Brook Athletics. Here are the individual honors from the fall season.


Boys’ Cross Country

  • PSAA Coach of the Year: David Hickey
  • All-PSAA: Riley Corcoran, Zack Xu, Clement Leung, Forest Kaplan-Walbrecht, Frank Cheng, Josh Lin & Tiger Wang

Girls’ Cross Country

  • PSAA Coach of the Year: Alicia Brummeler
  • All-PSAA: Sarah Wong, Judy Tao, Simona Smitaite, Maryana Lekanova, Diana Barbacena, Lilly Keegan & Ella Liu.

Boys’ Soccer

  • PSAA Tournament MVP: Jai Narain
  • All-PSAA East Division: Jai Narain, Owen Sobel & Lael Kutame

Girls’ Soccer

  • PSAA Coach of the Year: Mark Maningo
  • All-PSAA: Beth Felix, Alyssa Martinez & Donna Sanders

Girls’ Tennis

  • PSAA East Division MVP: Sadhana Sridhar
  • PSAA Tournament MVP: Nicolette Carlo
  • PSAA East Division Coach of the Year: Joe Arias
  • All-PSAA East Division: Marta Bennett, Nicolette Carlo & Ali Birgeles

Varsity Girls’ Volleyball

  • PSAA East Division MVP: Liz Robbins
  • All-PSAA East Division: Bekah Detwiler, Shannuel Lamptey & Mercedes Alvarez

JV Girls’ Volleyball

  • All-PSAA: Nadia Hall & Katrina Deng



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