On This Day in History | 1972

1972 Football
Ellison in 1972

On this day 46 years ago, the football team edged Dalton in a muddy affair, 6-0. Here is the account of the game from Newsday.


Stony Brook Slogs to Muddy 6-0 Win

When the Stony Brook School football team came out for yesterday’s game, their uniforms were white. Visiting Dalton Prep of New York City was in royal blue. After 48 minutes of sloshing through the mud in a steady downpour, assistant coach Thom Brownworth conceded, “we were both in brown–like my name.”

We were both in brown–like my name.

Thom Brownworth

Little Stony Brook, a private school with just over 300 students, was one of just two schools on Long Island that played football yesterday. And it was worth the trouble. Stony Brook won the non-league game, 6-0, on a last-period touchdown by Randall Ellison to give it a 2-1 record. Stony Brook is 1-0 in the Ivy League. Dalton is also 2-1.

“It was a little wet out there,” admitted linebacker Phil Barnes. “In fact, it was like playing in a swimming pool. People were sliding all over the place. But I had a ton of fun. You’d start running and a man would cut and your feet would go out from under you. But nobody could tell who was making mistakes because everybody was falling down.”

Ellison was the workhorse for Stony Brook, sliding for 147 yards in 35 carries. The five-foot-nine, 175-pound senior from New York City has three straight 100-yard-plus games, and a total of 431 yards on 95 carries, a 4.5-yard average.

The chunky fullback carried for 19 yards on a power drive on the last play of the third period to put the ball on the Dalton 42. Eight plays later, he scored from the five. A sweep for the two-point conversion by Tim Cook was stopped.

“The line really blocked well all day, ” Ellison said. “Mike Malkmes, Dave Craigg, Bob Moore, Bill Camp, and Wayne Rampone. Sometimes I felt like I was running in place, but in a game like this, you have to change your style and take short, choppy steps so you don’t fall. We did a lot of running between the tackles.”

Dalton recovered a Stony Brook fumble at the Stony Brook 10 late in the third period, but couldn’t score. A screen pass fell incomplete, defensive end Dave Shire stopped a sweep around left end for a loss of two yards, and a running play brought the ball to the five. But middle guard Tom Scott stopped a straight-ahead power run on the three.

Barnes killed another drive with an interception on the 15. He and the rest of Stony Brook’s defense held Dalton to 79 yards on 35 running plays and 24 yards passing. Stony Brook rushed for 216 yards in 58 plays, but could not complete a pass.

“We have a game coming up Friday [at Riverdale in the Bronx],” Brownworth said, “and we don’t have Monday off. Dalton was willing to come out here and it wasn’t really raining that hard, so we decided to play. One of our kids fell the wrong way and pinched a nerve in his leg, but nobody else was hurt or anything. The field wasn’t in bad condition. The drainage is pretty good.”

After a hot shower, Barnes, from Lookout Mountain, TN was relaxing in the student lounge watching television. “They’ve got a dance here tonight,” he said, “and it’s not as quiet as you might think out here. One group of kids went into the city for a rock concert, they show movies here on Friday and Saturday and give out coffee and cake and things…”

After yesterday’s victory, a celebration was certainly in order.


Ellison would go on to rush for 1,079 yards that season.



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