On This Day in History | 2010

Lawson focuses before his jump of 43' 4" at the 2011 County Championships
Lawson focuses before his jump of 43′ 4″ at the 2011 County Championships

On this day five years ago, Khoren Lawson shattered the school record in the triple jump at the St. Anthony’s Invitational.

The junior from Jamaica broke the 45-year-old mark with a hop, skip, and jump of 44′ 2.5″, surpassing the previous mark of 43′ 7″, held by Bernard Mumo ’65, by an incredible 7.5″. But Khoren was lucky to even get a chance to jump, having shown up late once every other competitor had already jumped. Fortunately, the referee allowed him to compete and Stony Brook history was made. He finished 7th in the meet and the jump was good enough for 11th best in the entire county for the 2010 season.

I had heard my competitors’ distances and was a little timid after hearing the results of the other jumpers, but decided to give it my all. After taking my first jump, and going about five inches from the school record, I knew from then that I was going to break it. I had all the right conditions including the weather, a good warm-up, and confidence. As I got ready to jump, with the eyes of all the jumpers piercing my skin, probably thinking, ‘He’s not even going to make finals, what’s the point,’ I was ready to prove myself to the world. I ran as fast as my body permitted me down the runway, landed perfectly on the board, and was off. This jump was special, it felt like nothing before; I got the perfect height and distance. As I walked away thinking that I hit 42′ 0″, the referee shouted, ’44’ 2.5″.’ Instantly, I was overjoyed, thinking to myself, ‘This one is for you, Dad.’

~ Khoren’s thoughts on the jump



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