On This Day in History | 1957

The ’57 Blue and White | Williams (1st row, 3rd from left), Skillen (1st row, 5th from left), Malachuk (1st row, 7th from left), Holbrook (1st row, 1st on right)

On this day 53 years ago…

In the opening contest of the season, the Blue and White met longtime Ivy League rival Poly Prep. The boys from Brooklyn were the reigning Ivy League Champions and entered the game boasting a 17-game winning streak. Poly was expected to continue their dominance over the Brook, having won the last seven match-ups, but Allan Malachuk, John Holbrook, and Dave Skillen would not capitulate to expectations.

The Stony Brook community was eager for a big win, as evidenced by the Daily Grind entry in Res Gestae 1958 for October 1st: “Gridders meet arch-rival, Poly Prep tomorrow. Pep rally tonight brings school to peak of excitement.” Malachuk was a brilliant field general in leading the offense to three touchdowns. He kept the ball on a sneak for the Big Blue’s opening score, then threw to John Holbrook for the second touchdown. He also engineered the game-winning touchdown, pitching the ball to Captain Dave Skillen who made it past Poly’s defensive end for pay dirt. Captain Bob Williams, Dick Skripak, and Pete Totten anchored the defense that limited the mighty Poly Prep squad. When the final whistle blew the Brookers had upended their rivals, 19-13, for a magnificent win.

STONY BROOK TRIUMPHS; 19-13 Setback Cuts Poly Prep Eleven’s String at 17

Sparked by the fine defensive play of two tackles, Bob Williams and Pete Toten, Stony Brook’s football team defeated Poly Prep.

New York Times Article from October 3rd, 1957



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