On This Day in History | 2008

The 2008 Bears

On this day two years ago, the boys’ soccer team scrimmaged powerhouse Brentwood High School, the 15th ranked team in the nation with a population sixteen times that of the Brook. The boys battled the eventual Class AA State Champions to a 1-0 score for the first 60 minutes before allowing several goals in the final third of the match. Brentwood coach Ron Eden lauded the heart displayed by the Stony Brook players after the game while addressing his squad, and urged his Indians to give the same kind of effort. By season’s end Brentwood would go undefeated and become the #1 ranked high school soccer team in the nation.

I have the game on tape and, I must admit, I’ve gotten it out several times in the past two years to watch. It really was an amazing day.

~ Coach Johnny Whallon

The Bears will renew the match-up next Wednesday, September 8th, at Brentwood. Kickoff is @ 3:30pm.



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