Laxers Among Long Island’s Best

Savage (PC: Bruce Jeffrey)

Yesterday, Back of the Cage lacrosse blog updated its top 10 lists for major statistical categories, and five different Bears are currently among the best private school players in America’s lacrosse hotbed. The Bears hold the top three spots in both goals and points among LI private school players, the top two assist spots, and the #3 place on the saves list. Freshman Alexis Savage leads all players in goals, assists, and points.

The play of these outstanding individuals is bolstered by a team that has shown tremendous heart and focus while racing out to a 5-0 record in the PSAA, courtesy of a 19.6 goals per game average and a tenacious defense that is allowing a scant 3.6 goals per game in league play.


Long Island Private School Points Leaders

1Alexis SavageStony Brook46
2Morgan RuggieriStony Brook34
3Natalia PaganoStony Brook33
4Adriana MavliosSt. Dominic32
5Ava BiancardiSt. Anthony’s28
5Hailey O’DonoghueSt. John the Baptist28
7Mia TramaStony Brook27
8Katherine ShammasKellenberg26
8McKenna JacobsSt. Dominic26
10Meg MorrisroeSt. Dominic24

Long Island Private School Goals Leaders

1Alexis SavageStony Brook27
2Morgan RuggieriStony Brook26
3Natalia PaganoStony Brook25
3Hailey O’DonoghueSt. John the Baptist25
5Katherine ShammasKellenberg24
5Ava BiancardiSt. Anthony’s24
7Adriana MavliosSt. Dominic23
8McKenna JacobsSt. Dominic18
8Tess CalaberiaSt. Anthony’s18
10Gwen BogashSt. John the Baptist17

Long Island Private School Assist Leaders

1Alexis SavageStony Brook19
2Mia TramaStony Brook12
3Abigail LoCascioSt. Anthony’s10
4Adriana MavliosSt. Dominic9
4Tanner ScarolaSt. Anthony’s9
6Morgan RuggieriStony Brook8
6Natalia PaganoStony Brook8
6McKenna JacobsSt. Dominic8
6Scarlet CifarelliSacred Heart8
10Cate BendowskiSacred Heart7

Long Island Private School Saves Leaders

1Mary FordSt. Dominic6463%
2Caitlin BodenSacred Heart6151%
3Emily BergerStony Brook5968%
4Kerrin GallagherKellenberg5746%
5Meghan CaseySt. John the Baptist3858%
6Shae LemboSt. Anthony’s3454%
7Skylar GoodmanKellenberg1637%
8Lexie ZenkSt. Anthony’s1043%
9Colleen StringerSacred Heart5100%



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