Etienne Punches Nationals Ticket

Yesterday afternoon, Jyles Etienne ’17 earned a spot in the NCAA Track & Field Championship with a 7′ 2.25″ leap at the East Preliminary, held in Jacksonville, FL.

The Indiana University sophomore nabbed one of 12 coveted spots out of the east which, combined with the twelve spots out of the West Preliminary, form the National Championship field. The top 11 jumpers in Jacksonville all tied at 7′ 2.25″ but shook out to different places based on their number of misses at previous heights. Etienne tied for 10th in the field of 48.

The former Bear passed at 6′ 7″ and 6′ 9″ before clearing 6′ 11″ on his first jump. He then cleared 7′ 1″ on his second try, but missed his first two attempts at 7′ 2.25″. Needing to clear on his third attempt to book his ticket to Nationals, Etienne came through with a clutch leap, showing a rare flash of emotion once he safely returned to earth. The 10 jumpers who cleared the height along with Etienne all went out at 7′ 3.25″, perhaps undone by the 90-degree North Florida temperatures.

Etienne moves on to his first collegiate National Championship, held in Austin, TX the second weekend of June. The men’s high jump is set to begin on Friday, June 7 at 7:00pm.


National Championship Qualifier Results

1.Keenon LaineGeorgia7′ 2.25″
1.JuVaughn HarrisonLSU7′ 2.25″
1.Shelby McEwenAlabama7′ 2.25″
4.Darius CarbinGeorgia7′ 2.25″ (J)
4.Eric RichardsSouthern Miss7′ 2.25″ (J)
6.Rahman MinorKentucky7′ 2.25″ (J)
7.Brenton FosterVirginia7′ 2.25″ (J)
8.Jacob PattenMiddle Tenn. St.7′ 2.25″ (J)
9.Johnny VictorFlorida7′ 2.25″ (J)
10.Jyles EtienneIndiana7′ 2.25″ (J)
10.Cody StineOhip St.7′ 2.25″ (J)
12.Curtis RichardsonAkron7′ 1″


NCAA Track East Prelim

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