On This Day in History | 1953

Dodd Penn
Dodd (2nd from left) in 1952 flanked by Levy, Raudenbush & DeWitt (PC: Philadelphia Inquirer)

On this day 66 years ago, Bruce Dodd ’49 and the University of Pennsylvania two mile relay team won the title at the Heptagonal Indoor Track & Field Championships, the annual culmination of the Ivy League track season, held at Cornell’s Barton Hall in Ithaca, NY.

Dodd joined forces with David Harshaw, Frank Weber, and Paul Raudenbush to take the crown in 7:54.9, edging Army, Cornell, Columbia, and Princeton. The victory nearly gave the Quakers the overall title, but they finished with 32 7/12 points, trailing Cornell and Columbia who tied for the title with 33.

One year earlier, Dodd, Raudenbush, Phil Levy, and Bob DeWitt took 4th at “Heps.”



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