On This Day in History | 1984

Swimming 1984
The 1983-84 swim team

On this day 35 years ago, the swim team clinched the League Championship with a 52-31 victory over Deer Park to finish the season 11-1.

The season began with a victory over Brentwood who upset Stony Brook last year, and a narrow loss to Huntington, which has become an archrival. The team swept through the season despite winter illness, always looking to the return meet with Huntington. On that day, the stands packed with fans, Stony Brook outswam the Blue Fish, 46-37.

~ Res Gestae 1984

Roger Wycoff was the leader of the team and went on to win the 500 freestyle at the State Championships and garner All-America honors that season.



Jan. 3BrentwoodW 52-38
Jan. 4HuntingtonL 40-43
Jan. 10@ Central IslipW 96-75
Jan. 12LindenhurstW 63-19
Jan. 13@ Deer ParkW 98-73
Jan. 20HuntingtonW 47-36
Jan. 24@ LindenhurstW 114-56
Jan. 25La SalleW 57-26
Jan. 27@ BrentwoodW 93-78
Jan. 31@ La SalleW 112-55
Feb. 3Central IslipW 53-29
Feb. 7Deer ParkW 52-31


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