On This Day in History | 1923

1922 B Basketball
The 1922-23 basketball squad

On this day 96 years ago, the boys’ basketball team trounced Port Jeff in the first ever match-up of a rivalry that has spanned nearly 100 years.

Here is the recap from the February 1923 edition of The Adventurer, a former student publication.

This game was looked forward to with some anxiety as it was thought to be the hardest game up to date and [Marinus] Steenland was unable to play. However, the score finally ended 41-15 in our favor, [John] Sloat making 10 baskets and 5 fouls; [Gil] Inglis seven baskets and [Tom] Kittredge one. [Ed] Weber played a fine game at left guard.

Eight days later, the Blue & White edged an all-star team from Port Jeff by five points.


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