On This Day in History | 1943

Baseball 1943
The ’43 Blue & White

On this day 75 years ago, the baseball team dropped South Huntington, 11-1. Here is the account of the game from Res Gestae 1943:

Steve Kurtz subdued South Huntington in the next contest, 11-1. While Kurtz busied himself by limiting South Huntington to four singles, Stony Brook batters made use of the lumber by combing enemy hurlers for twelve safeties. Davey Swanson seemed to be the chief offender by collecting three for four, and John Mangels proved no slouch unloaded a brace of triples.

Floyd Johnson’s boys would finish the season 8-4 in his first of 16 years at the helm, the longest coaching tenure in the 95-year history of the program.


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