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1974 Feyk
Feyk in Res Gestae 1974

On this day four years ago, Perry Feyk ’74 ran in the Boston Marathon a year after the iconic race was rocked by a terrorist bombing. Here is an article on Feyk’s experience from Joe Battaglia.


Boston Marathon Runner Moved by Thankful Fans at Finish Line

A frequent competitor in the Boston Marathon said that Monday’s 118th running of the race, the first since last April’s terrorist bombings at the finish line, was unlike anything he had seen before.

Perry Feyk, of Jupiter, FL, who finished in 4 hours, 10 minutes, 21 seconds, said his experience “was wonderful.”

“I’ve done the Boston Marathon a number of times, and this was the most emotional,” Feyk said. “There were over a million fans on the course. I have never seen that before.

“What struck me most of all was that as a runner I know that [the Boston Marathon] is important to runners — it’s kind of the Holy Grail of distance running — but I had no idea that it was so embedded in the personality of the city of Boston.

“People were cheering, and when we finished, they were thanking us for coming and helping them heal. All I can say is that Boston Strong is a civic pride phrase. It is not a catch-phrase,” Feyk said Tuesday.

Feyk said that perhaps his most moving experience was the grateful reception he got from fans at the finish.

“As I was leaving the staging area to limp back to my hotel,” Feyk said, “there were a number of people, perfect strangers, who were there at the end of the area for the runners saying, ‘Thank you for coming and running. Thank you for coming and helping us out. Thank you for making our city better.'”


After graduating from the Brook, Feyk cycled at Dickinson College. During the 1977-78 season he won four races and finished 4th at the Eastern Intercollegiate Cycling Championship.


Boston Marathon

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