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Etienne Soars over 7′ 3″ in 1st Collegiate Meet

December 8, 2017
Etienne Indiana

Etienne scrapes the roof in his 1st college meet

This evening Jyles Etienne ’17 began his collegiate career with a personal best in the high jump, soaring over 7′ 3″ to set a new Hoosier Open meet record and slot himself at #2 in the nation. He currently trails only Manhattan’s Brenton Foster who leapt 7′ 4.25″ at the Manhattan College Opener on Dec. 1st. The jump brought the meet record back home as Etienne shattered the previous top mark of 7′ 0.25″ set in 2015 by Kentucky’s Justin Kretchmer.

The jump also eclipsed Etienne’s personal indoor best of 7′ 2.5″ set at the St. Anthony’s Invitational last May. It was the #1 indoor high school high jump in America last year.

Etienne and the Hoosiers are back in action on January 6th in the Tennessee Duals in Bloomington.

He came to the US as a full time basketball player and a part time high jumper, yet he has become one of the best Caribbean jumpers and one of the top high school performers in the US. He is a physically gifted athlete, and we cannot wait to see what he can do in an Indiana uniform.

~ Ron Helmer, Head Coach Indiana Track




  1. Jyles Etienne (Indiana) – 7′ 3″
  2. Rahman Minor (Purdue) – 7′ 0.5″
  3. Bobby Harris (North Florida) – 7′ 0.5″
  4. Eric Blackman (Purdue) – 6′ 11″
  5. Darryl Sullivan (Tennessee) – 6′ 11″
  6. Paul Galas (Indiana) – 6′ 9.5″
  7. Albert Kalala (Cincinnati) – 6′ 8″
  8. Kenneth Hornbuckle (Purdue) – 6′ 6.25″
  9. Alex Bloom (Cincinnati) – NH




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