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Alumni Basketball Trick Shot Goes Viral

December 9, 2016

In June of 2015, three friends, under the name BroDecent (in homage to the trick shot masters know as Dude Perfect) got together with one goal in mind: hit some cool shots so 25 people on Facebook would think they were cool. What Marco Maskayan ’13, Dan Hickey ’04, and Lou Pizzichillo ’08 could not have foreseen that lazy summer afternoon was the skill they displayed would be celebrated as a benchmark in the long, slow march of human history.

The most difficult trick shot they completed that day was one in which a cascade of three-pointers fell in a perfectly choreographed series. Masakayan shot from the three-point arc, Hickey shot from the white line, and Pizzichillo launched from half court. After a number of close misses, the human race took a decent step forward.

Fast forward to this past Tuesday when Pizzichillo reposted the shot on his Instagram account in honor of World Trick Shot Day, which is a thing. Whistle Sports, a global sports media company with millions of subscribers across their social media platforms, liked the video and reposted it on their Instagram account (currently 111,000 views), Facebook page (currently 50,000 views), and Twitter account. The Sport Bible, another sports media account with a reach of several million, is also planning to repost the video on their various accounts.

We’ll keep you posted!

[Update: Feb. 14th]

The United Kingdom’s Daily Mail picked up the videos. Here is the post on the shots at

These high school students showed off some hugely impressive basketball trick shots in the gym – but their luck quickly ran out.

Members of the squad at Stony Brook School in New York filmed themselves whooping with delight while pulling off increasingly ambitious moves.

One boy started off with a one-handed shot while in a blindfold, which went straight into the hoop.

This was followed by a pupil netting a hoop while sitting on the adjacent wall, and another scoring from off the chapel roof.

A twirl in the air followed by a net came next, and then another athlete slotted a shot in while sitting on a chair facing backwards.

But when a man in a blue top and green shorts tried to get past an opponent for a slam dunk, he caught onto the side of the hoop, sending it crashing down.

Shattered glass landed on the gym floor while other players ran out of the way.

Fortunately, no one seemed to have been hurt and the accident was taken in good spirits.

Stony Brook School’s basketball team is called The Bears and is one of the leading teams in Suffolk County.

[Update: Feb. 27th]

People are Awesome, a media group with millions of followers across their social media platforms, posted a video of multiple BroDecent trick shots on their Facebook page on Saturday. As of 11:27am on Monday the video has 1.2 million views, 23K likes, and over 2K shares.



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