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Historic Day at County Track Championships

June 3, 2011

…14 Ivy League Championships.

…20 League VII and VIII Championships.

…1 Suffolk County Championship.

…Countless individual champions at the League, Conference, County and State levels.

The boys and girls track and field program at Stony Brook has been as strong as any other in the 89 year history of the blue and white.  This afternoon yet another exciting chapter was written into our illustrious annals at the boys and girls Section XI Individual Championships.

The day began with the 100 meter dash where Khoren Lawson, Taylor Colucci and Andrew White had secured the top 3 seeds in Class B.  In a display of speed rarely seen before, the trio of Bears swept the top 3 spots in Class B as Colucci repeated as the individual County Champion.  Colucci’s 11.21 was good enough to qualify for the overall County Championship tomorrow afternoon, while Lawson’s 11.31 left him out of the final by a single place.  White crossed the finish line in 11.79.  Both Lawson and Colucci had already hit the state qualifying mark for the state meet held in Rochester next weekend prior to today’s race.

100 Meter Dash Results

  1. Dayne Savory | Bay Shore | 10.99
  2. Abdias Myrtil | Half Hollow Hills West | 11.01
  3. Mark Jackson | Longwood | 11.15
  4. Taylor Colucci | Stony Brook | 11.21
  5. Jarrick Ambrose | Copiague | 11.24
  6. Ian Brown | Amityville | 11.24
  7. Ramone Henderson | Middle Country | 11.27
  8. Shevron Bartholemue | Middle Country | 11.29
  9. Khoren Lawson | Stony Brook | 11.31
  10. Connor Crane | Bay Shore | 11.49

Check out the video of the prelims at

The boys had little time to enjoy their historic run as they almost immediately began warming up for the 200 meter dash where they also had the top 3 seeds in hand at the starting line.  Again the boys swiped the top 3 spots in the class as Lawson and Colucci qualified for the finals tomorrow where the Class B County Title will be decided between them.  Additionally our 3 speed demons placed themselves among the top 10 in all of Suffolk County while Lawson and Colucci each easily met the state qualifying standard of 22.94

200 Meter Dash Results

  1.  Todd Colas | Brentwood | 21.98
  2. Dan McCord | Half Hollow Hills West | 22.20
  3. Khoren Lawson | Stony Brook | 22.41
  4. Taylor Colucci | Stony Brook | 22.55
  5. Dayne Savory | Bay Shore | 22.56
  6. Jarrick Ambrose | Copiague | 22.69
  7. Shevron Bartholemue | Middle Country | 22.77
  8. Ramone Henderson | Middle Country | 22.88
  9. Morgan Genoino | Sachem East | 23.01
  10. Andrew White | Stony Brook | 23.16

Check out the video of the prelims at

In other individual events, Jon Wentling ran his season best FAT (Fully Automatic Timing) time in 53.10 to finish 2nd in Class B.  7th-grader Rebecca Hollis ran her personal best in the 400 meter dash in 63.20 to place 3rd in Class B, despite forgetting to take her inhaler before the race!  She came back in the 400 meter hurdles and nearly outdid her own school record, charging to a 70.39 to place 3rd in the class.  Rounding out the individual performances, Margot Rashba ran 11:50.35 in the 3000 meter run to finish in 2nd in the class.

It had already been a memorable day and a Class B County Championship in the 4×100 meter relay seemed like a perfect way to bring it to a close.  The boys had not run together in a month, the warm afternoon sun had given way to a cool evening breeze from Port Jefferson Harbor and the order of the 4 runners had been altered–a seemingly inconsequential change that actually greatly affects the comfortability of the handoffs.  There was no reason to believe the boys would run an exceptional time, because they did not have to; they could cruise through the race and still beat intra-class foes Wyandanch and Center Moriches by a full second.  However, when “Stony Brook” is emblazoned across your chest a little more is demanded of you.

White ran the opening leg and, despite standing up out of the blocks a bit too quickly, ran strongly in his 1st time running leadoff.  Colucci tore up the backstretch after receiving the baton and was in the lead when he gave it Wentling.  “White Lightning” ran step for step with Longwood’s 3rd man, prompting the announcer of the meet to exclaim, “Here comes Stony Brook!”  As Wentling gave way to Lawson, our newly minted anchor, the excitement of the crowd rose to a crescendo, echoed by the announcer who excitedly yelled, “Stony Brook!  Stony Brook!” as Lawson thundered down the homestretch.  Our beloved Jamaican rewarded the cheers from the crowd as he held off the speedy Mark Jackson of Longwood to help the team take 1st in the heat and 2nd overall in the meet heading into tomorrow’s overall County Championship.  Carl Lawson, the great Jamaican sprinter from the early 1970s, had to be pleased with what he saw from his son.

The fastest quad in Stony Brook brushed aside the many hindrances before them and rewrote the history books for the 2nd time in as many races, becoming the 1st team in school history to run below the 43 second barrier in 42.96.  The time also equaled Bay Shore’s mark set earlier this season, tying them for the 2nd best time run in all of Suffolk County this season.  After their time flashed across the scoreboard the boys shouted and hugged in disbelief of what they had accomplished together.

4×100 Meter Relay Results

  1. Half Hollow Hills West | 42.43
  2. Stony Brook | 42.96
  3. Longwood | 43.01
  4. Middle Country | 43.18
  5. Brentwood | 43.30
  6. Bay Shore | 43.49
  7. William Floyd | 43.72
  8. Connetquot | 43.87
  9. Central Islip | 44.12
  10. Walt Whitman | 44.67

It was a near perfect afternoon.  The weather was gorgeous (call it reparations for an abysmal spring), the boys and girls ran well and most importantly there was a palpable feeling of satisfaction among the happy few still competing after the completion of the school year.  Hopefully tomorrow will be just as enjoyable.

Here comes Stony Brook!… Stony Brook!… Stony Brook!… Stony Brook!

~ Meet announcer during the 4×100 relay


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  1. Wain Barnes ,SBS 1958, Duke 62, Washington and Lee Law 65 permalink
    June 4, 2011 12:14 AM

    A great season and County Meet, I wish I have could been there to see it but the pictures were excellent. Wain Barnes age 70


    • June 4, 2011 1:09 AM

      Thank you Mr. Barnes! The boys are happy to do you proud and the best may still be yet to come with Day 2 of Counties tomorrow, States next weekend and Nationals in two weekends in North Carolina.


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