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Class Night 2011

May 30, 2011
Class Night 2011

Wyatt Piazza accepts the Vanderveer Award

On Friday evening the Stony Brook School community came together for Class Night, an evening of honors, awards and the traditional moving up ceremony.  A crop of outstanding athletes took home a wide variety of athletic awards as another successful year on the fields, courts, courses and diamonds has, almost, come to a close (several individuals on the track and golf teams will be competing in State Championships in early June).  By taking home these honors our current athletes join such prominent names from blue and white past as Whitney and Wycoff, Malachuk and Marvin, Scanlon and Scavo.


Major Athletic Awards

Marvin W. Goldberg Coach’s Award

Awarded to the coach who has demonstrated professionalism, expertise and compassion towards his or her athletic team.

  • Mike Hickey | Boys Basketball, Golf

John Long Manager’s Award

Given to the athletic team manager who shows the responsibility and dedication demonstrated by John Long, Class of ’75.

  • Si Yi Li ’11 | Girls Basketball

Clyde L. Mellinger Award

Two trophies in memory of Clyde L. Mellinger, the first Director of Athletics at The Stony Brook School, awarded to the eighth grade girl and boy, who have best demonstrated good sportmanship, courage, and best use of ability. Formerly the Mother’s Club Medal and the Parents’ Club Award.

  • Hunter Hulse ’15 | Fall Sailing, Wrestling, Spring Sailing
  • Emily Pius ’15 | Soccer, Track

The Bear Blanket

Presented to athletes who demonstrate a consistent contribution of quality performances in athletic competition based on a points system and an application.

  • Tyler Abrahamsen ’13 | Golf, Basketball, Tennis
  • Tyler Anderson ’11 | Soccer, Wrestling, Track
  • Danielle Pappas ’11 | Soccer, Basketball, Softball
  • Anuraag Sah ’11 | Soccer, Basketball, Tennis
  • Brianna Stiklickas ’11 | Soccer, Track
  • Jon Wentling ’11 | Soccer, Basketball, Track

Thomas W. Brohard, ’25 Wrestling Award

Named in honor of the SBS faculty member who is credited with bringing interscholastic wrestling to Long Island schools.  This annual cash award, endowed by Thomas W. Brohard III ’65, the late John S. Cather ’35 and his widow Edith Cather, is given to offset the college expenses of a wrestler.

  • Tyler Anderson ’11

MSG Varsity Scholarships

The MSG Varsity Network bestoes two monetary awards to The Stony Brook School for our participation in the MSG Varsity program.  The first is awarded ro an active participant in the MSG Varsity program for commitment and excellence in the areas of videography and technical contributions.  The second MSG Varsity award is given to a student-athlete who embodies the spirit of MSG Varsity; a spirit of community, leadership, friendship, teamwork, and camaraderie that make high schools such dynamic places.

  • Raphael Alterman ’11
  • Jon Wentling ’11 | Soccer, Track

Bruce Finlay Vanderveer Award

An endowed trophy awarded in memory of Bruce Vanderveer ’31 to the member of the football team who has shown the highest qualities of sportsmanship.

  • Wyatt Piazza ’12

Swanson Trophy for Superior Performance

Two trophies awarded in memory of the late Robert S. and Louise Swanson by Mary Jane and John P. Swanson ’47 for superior male and female athletic performance.

  • Khoren Lawson ’11 | For currently holding school records in the triple jump (indoor & outdoor), 100 meter dash, 60 meter dash, 55 meter dash and the 4×100 meter relay (1st leg)
  • Brannon Burke ’11 | For earning All-State honors for a 2nd time and leading the girls basketball team to a 3rd straight Long Island Championship

Swanson Trophy for Best All-Around Athlete

Two trophies awarded in memory of the late Robert S. and Louise Swanson by Mary Jane and John P. Swanson ’47 to the persons whose all-around ability, sportsmanship, and courage in varsity competition enabled them to make the greatest contribution to Stony Brook teams.

  • Tyler Anderson ’11 | Soccer, Wrestling, Track
  • Danielle Pappas ’11 | Soccer, Basketball, Softball

O. Floyd Johnson ’32 Scholar/Athlete Award

A plaque endowed by Philip and Gretchen Gaebelein Hull, awarded for excellence in scholarship and athletics.

  • Danielle Pappas ’11 | Soccer, Basketball, Softball


Fall Athletic Awards

Marvin Goldberg Boys Cross Country Award

Two plates endowed by the late David W. Cloos, M.D. ’61 and Nancy Cloos Babin.

  • Performance: Yisheng Cai ’12
  • Contribution: Will Tseng ’13

Girls Cross Country Award

  • Performance: Margot Rashba ’14
  • Contribution: Ayana Aaron ’11

Buyers Football Award

Two plates given by the Buyers family in memory of John W.A. Buyers ’46.

  • Performance: Don Liotine ’13
  • Contribution: Matt Rooney ’11

Golf Award

  • Performance: Tyler Abrahamsen ’13
  • Contribution: Ben Pirro ’16

Fall Sailing Award

  • Performance: Austin Hulse ’13
  • Contribution: Alex Caradonna ’13

Brandon Stuckey Boys Soccer Award

Two plates endowed by Phyllis and Schuyler Stuckey with love and pride for their son, Brandon Stuckey ’93.

  • Performance: Tyler Anderson ’11
  • Contribution: Philip Thorstenn ’11

Girls Soccer Award

  • Performance: Michelle Hennessy ’11
  • Contribution: Christine Brathwaite ’11

Jordan Girls Tennis Award

Two plates donated by Fred and Karen Jordan.  Mr. Jordan was the coach of the girls tennis team for its first fourteen years.

  • Performance: Tylah Gantt ’12
  • Contribution: Alexa Augustine ’12

Volleyball Award

  • Performance: Jess Winston ’11
  • Contribution: Emma Moley ’11


Winter Athletic Awards

Taft Boys Basketball Award

Two plates endowed by Lyman Taft ’45.

  • Performance: Tim Pandolfi ’11
  • Contribution: Farqu Taylor ’11

Girls Basketball Award

  • Performance: Brannon Burke ’11
  • Contribution: Jess Winston ’11

Norman J. Wiedersum Wrestling Award

Two plates endowed by Norman J. Wiedersum ’39.

  • Performance: Austin Hulse ’13
  • Contribution: Hunter Hulse ’15


Spring Athletic Awards

Swanson Baseball Award

Two plates given by Mary Jane and John P. Swanson ’47.

  • Performance: Don Liotine ’13
  • Contribution: Ryan Haas ’12

Spring Sailing Award

  • Performance: Hunter Hulse ’15
  • Contribution: Ben Cotten ’11

The Jaclyn Cafarelli Softball Award

Two plates endowed by James Cafarelli in loving memory of Barbara Cafarelli and with pride in their daughter, Jaclyn Cafarelli ’98.

  • Performance: Linda Devine ’12
  • Contribution: Nicole Antieri ’12

Pierson Curtis Boys Tennis Award

Two plates given by the family of Mr. Jan C. Parmentier ’43, in memory of the School’s first tennis coach.

  • Performance: Anuraag Sah ’11
  • Contribution: Tyler Abrahamsen ’13

Downey Boys Track Award

Two plates given by the family of Bill and Earl Downey ’45, in their memory.

  • Performance: Khoren Lawson ’11
  • Contribution: Jon Wentling ’11

Laura J. Shybunko Memorial Girls Track Award

Two plates endowed by the family of Laura J. Shybunko, mother of Donna Shybunko ’83 and Anne Shybunko Moore ’89, in memory of her life of courage and strength.

  • Performance: Rebecca Hollis ’16
  • Contribution: Margot Rashba ’14


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