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Basketball Teams Featured in the Three Village Patch

January 20, 2011


B Basketball Pierson 2011

Coach Mike Hickey guides the boys to a win at Pierson

The Three Village Patch featured article on both our girls and boys basketball teams this afternoon.  Check out what the local online newspaper had to say about the Bears:

Boys’ Basketball Right on Schedule for Playoffs

The Stony Brook Bears have seen their leader take back the reigns while recovering from a knee injury that kept him on the bench for the first month and a half of the season. Tim Pandolfi has now reached the number one spot on Long Island in points per game, averaging 28. Pandolfi told Patch that he hears the talk about records, including the fact that he is only 51 points away from his 1,000th career point, but his main priority is getting to Glenns Falls for the state championship.

After beating their opponent from last year’s Class C County Championship game, Southold, by just four points on Tuesday, the Bears are 4-0 (5-1) and will face their toughest competition in League VIII on Thursday night against Greenport (6-0, 9-0) at 4:30 p.m.

Head coach Mike Hickey has been pleased with the play from younger guys like Marco Masakayan and Jerome Washington.

“Our schedule tends to work well for us, by the time January ends our momentum will pick up and carry over for the playoffs,” Hickey said. “As far [as] our record goes, we’re not too worried about seeding, but it certainly has a psychological effect, and we’ll be looking for that to be favorable.”

Bears’ Burke Day-to-Day after Injury

The Lady Bears have seen their top three seniors posting stats that are among the best on Long Island, even while one battles a lasting injury. Brannon Burke had injured her lower back during the fall season as the girls’ soccer team made its county championship run, and got right into the mix with the defending county champions in basketball. Without the time to rest, Burke has had to sit out a few games and is currently on a day-to-day reliability, according to coach Amy Helm.

“When she’s in, it’s a great contribution, and when she has to sit, we’re seeing a lot of the other girls filling in and the younger ones are getting the experience they need,” Helm said.

Natalie Israti is ranked 14th in Suffolk in points per game, averaging 16.2, while Burke comes in at 20th with 15.4 per game. In rebounds, Israti is third with 7.7 per game and Burke fifth with 6.8 per game. And Jessica Winston, with 4.6 assists per game, is currently ranked second in Suffolk County, and is ranked 12th in three-pointers with 18 total.

The team stands at 3-1 (4-4), with its only loss coming from Pierson/Bridgehampton. Like the Bears, McGann-Mercy also took its only loss from Pierson, and both teams only lost by two points. On Thursday, Jan 20. the Lady Bears will go on the road to face McGann-Mercy and start separating the pack at the top of League VIII, with game time set for 6:15 p.m.



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