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Coach Hickey’s 25th Anniversary Team

December 30, 2010

As coach Mike Hickey enters his 23rd season at the helm of the varsity program, 169 players have worn the blue and white for him. In honor of his 25th season of coaching basketball for the Bears, including his two at the JV level, we asked him to pick his all-time team, the best of the best from more than two decades of watching from the sidelines.

Campbell pulls up vs. Shelter Island

Lael Campbell ’90

  • Résumé | All-Conference
  • Coach’s Comments | “Savvy, excellent shot, great handle.  He was not very quick but he was very effective.”


Adam Fraser ‘92

  • Résumé | All-Conference/All-League/Scored 1/3 of the team’s points in 1991-92/His 18.06 scoring average was 14th best in Suffolk County in 1991-92
  • Coach’s Comments | “Outstanding shooter, tenacious, speedy, jumped well, great defender, great all-around player.  He had a great inside-out move to the right.  I remember one game he had against Eastport.  He scored 35 points with the flu.  It was like the Michael Jordan game.  He was dehydrated and delirious and couldn’t understand anything I was saying to him, he was just on autopilot.”

Shanks (#21)

Dan Shanks ‘92

  • Résumé | All-League/30 point playoff game vs. Southampton
  • Coach’s Comments | “Tremendous shooter.  He also had the best shot fake I’ve ever seen.  I’ve never seen more guys fly out of bounds because his shot fake was exactly the same as his shot and they would fly right by him.  He had perfect mechanics, was a good rebounder and was just a flat out scorer.”

Fischer drives vs. Smithtown Christian

Jonas Fischer ’94

  • Résumé | All-County/2-Time All-Conference/3-Time All-League/1,060 career points/50 point game vs. Shelter Island in 1994/40 point game vs. Deer Park in 1992, 3rd best total in Suffolk that year/20.0 points per game average 9th best in Suffolk in 1992-93/91 foul shots 7th best in Suffolk in 1992-93/15 free throws vs. LaSalle in 1993 1 off the County Record
  • Coach’s Comments | “Powerful, fast, strong, could run forever.  He was also very unorthodox.  He had little shot fakes that got defenders off their feet and he would take lefty layups off the wrong foot.  He also had more conventional 3-point plays than anyone I ever coached, and he would knock down his free throws.  The only time he ever asked out of the game was one game at Shelter Island.  I told him he had 44 points and he went right back in.  He had some monster games.”

Mattimore displays his beautiful stroke

Matt Mattimore ’95

  • Résumé | 3-Time All-Conference/4-Time All-League/1,000 point-scorer/School record 42 3-pointers as a freshman/School record 43 3-pointers as a sophomore
  • Coach’s Comments | “Just a jet.  Unlimited range.  He would routinely shoot from behind the white line and on one occasion pulled up almost in the circle.  Excellent defender.  I remember 2 games against Northport and Mercy.  He hit some shots that made the opposing coaches look at me as if to say, ‘I can’t believe he took that shot, much less made it.'”


Robbie Marvin ’96

  • Résumé | All-Conference/39 point playoff game vs. Wyandanch
  • Coach’s Comments | “What can you say about Robbie?  He was fearless, something that seems to be a Marvin trait.  He was cocky in a good way.  He could do anything.  He was incredibly fast, an outstanding leaper and savvy.  He had a great handle, was a great shooter and an excellent defender.  He also had a never say die attitude.  He would fight to the end.”

Marvin swoops in for 2

Jon Marvin ’98

  • Résumé | All-County/36 point playoff game vs. Eastport
  • Coach’s Comments | “Great defender, leaper, ball-handler and shooter.  He had an unconventional shot, but he still made it.  2 of his games stand out in my mind: 36 points against Eastport and 34 against Maurice Manning and Bridgehampton.  Manning was all everything, was being recruited by DePaul University and went on to win 3 National Championships in college.  At one point they took Manning off of Jon.  He was just so strong.”

Marvin lays it in vs. LaSalle

Dave Marvin ‘99

  • Résumé | All-Conference
  • Coach’s Comments | “A tremendous defender.  Incredible range.  You have to know where he is on the court, and you never did because he was so quick and so cagey.  He was also unselfish and a great passer.  Fearless.”

Sprauve drives past a Babylon defender

Sean Sprauve ‘03

Résumé | All-Conference/2-Time All-League

Coach’s Comments | “He could dominate a game, particularly when he was angry and playing hard.  He could get every rebound.  He was quirky and could draw a lot of fouls.  He was incredibly strong and I can remember guys hanging on his arms as he went up for a layup.  Steve Harney once told me, ‘There are certain guys you want to go to war with and Sean Sparauve is one of them.'”

Vimont scores vs. Shelter Island

Burt Vimont ‘03

  • Résumé | All-League/Triple-double vs. Southold
  • Coach’s Comments | “Sadly, was hurt most of his career.  He broke his back sophomore year and had Osgood-Schlatter Disease, but he was finally healthy most most of his senior year.  In a game against Southold he had 24 points, 17 rebounds and 11 blocks and it gave us a glimpse of what he could be.  Unfortunately, he broke his leg in the very next game.”

Harney leads the Bears over Southold during the 2004 playoffs

Steve Harney ’04

  • Résumé | 2-Time All-State/3-Time All-Conference/4-Time All-League/1,000 point-scorer
  • Coach’s Comments | “The smartest player I’ve ever had.  He took what God gave him and maximized it more than any other player I’ve coached.  Clutch.  So game-smart, so good at understanding situations, tempo, who needs to get the ball.  He was every bit the psychologist of the team.  Unselfish to the max and tough as nails.  He’d run through a wall for me.”

Mealey elevates vs. Mercy

Ryan Mealey ‘04

  • Résumé | All-Conference
  • Coach’s Comments | “Just so athletic.  Just like his personality, he just loved to play the game and played it very freely, which was great.  He was unpredictable so he was difficult for other teams to defend.  I remember a Hampton Bays game where he had 27 or 28 and had 3 or 4 3’s.  They just didn’t know what to do with him.”

Carmel goes in for 2 during the 2007 County Championship

Pete Carmel ’07

  • Résumé | All-State/All-Conference
  • Coach’s Comments | “A great jumper.  Strong as a bull.  So athletic.  Great shooter.  Tremendous rebounder.  Some of the rebounds he got at clutch times in games were so huge.  There’d be a whole gaggle of guys going for a rebound and his hands would always be above everyone elses to get a key defensive rebounder, and no one was going to take it from him.”

Singer pushes the ball vs. Mercy in 2007

Mitch Singer ’08

  • Résumé | All-State/All-Conference
  • Coach’s Comments | “Might have been the best all-around player I’ve ever had.  Like his father he was an absolutely relentless, tenacious player.  Very free.  He understood the game, but would never allow the structire of the game to inhibit what came natuarlly to him which was to just play, whether it was a runner from 18 feet, or blowing by a guy or pulling up from 30.  At times he could be absolutely unconscious.  He would never hesitate to do what came naturally and his instincts were pure.”

Pandolfi soared in the 2010 Long Island Championship

Tim Pandolfi ’11

  • Résumé | 2-Time All-State
  • Coach’s Comments | “As far as pure skills, he might be the most skilled player I’ve ever had. He might have the skill package that exceeded everybody else because of his athleticism.  I can honestly say that he improved over the course of the past 3 years head and shoulders above everyone else on the team.  A clutch, clutch player.  Incredible shot and handle.”

Honorable Mention

Mahland fires against Shelter Island

Greg Mahland ’91

  • Résumé | All-League
  • Coach’s Comments | “A slasher.  Had a great cross-over.  Really good game instincts.  Good shooter. Wiry strong.”


Paul Ciofrone ‘96

  • Résumé | All-League/Buzzer-beater in playoff game vs. Wyandanch
  • Coach’s Comments | “He could jump out of the gym.  Very strong.  He might be the best leaper we’ve ever had, certainly the only guy who ever dunked twice in a game.”

Spooner (#30) defends against Smithtown Christian

Matt Spooner ‘96

  • Résumé | All-League
  • Coach’s Comments | “A great defender.  He could shut down the best scorer on the other team.  Very compliant and teachable and always wanting to please the coaching staff.  Good ball-handler, very quick and could drive well.”

Kuhn scores vs. Shelter Island

Seth Kuhn ’99

  • Résumé | All-Conference
  • Coach’s Comments | “Greatly improved from junior to senior year.  Great shooter, excellent form for a big guy.  Smart, a great passer, very teachable and loved to play the game.”

Chapelle fires a jumper

Isom Chapelle ‘05

  • Résumé | All-League
  • Coach’s Comments | “He played his senior year with a double pelvic fracture.  What can you say about that?  Definitely one of my top 5 all-time defenders in 25 years, right there with the absolute best defenders we’ve ever had.  In one game against Greenport he shut down Ryan Creighton, who was averaging over 20 points a game, to 7.  He could jump more quickly and get up in the air out of nowhere and was a vicious blocker.”

Webster (#22) defends the home floor

Jason Webster ‘05

  • Résumé | All-League
  • Coach’s Comments | “An excellent shooter, ball-handler and rebounder.  Had a good feel for the game, knew where he should be, could play without the ball.  Smooth.”

Pizzichillo stunned Southold with 31 points in the County Semifinals

Lou Pizzichillo ’08

  • Résumé | All-State/All-Conference/3-Time All-League/31 point playoff game vs. Southold
  • Coach’s Comments | “Louis the Lionhearted.  Because of his leaping ability he played much taller than he was offensively and defensively.  Outstanding shooter and ball-handler.  An excellent defender.  He wouldn’t back down from anyone, anything or any situatuon.  Would do anything you would ask him and then some.”

Vimont scored 18 huge points in a win over Mercy in the 2009 County Semifinals

Logan Vimont ‘10

  • Résumé | All-Conference
  • Coach’s Comments | “An outstanding shooter for 6’6″ guy.  Outstanding rebounder and shot-blocker.  Good all-around player.  It’s unusual for a guy his size to play the wing, so he was a difficult cover.  The other team didn’t believe he could make it so he was very difficult to defend on the arc.”

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