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Coach Mike Hickey Celebrates 25th Season

December 28, 2010

2010 | Coach Hickey congratulates his boys after winning the Long Island Championship

For the last 24 years coach Mike Hickey has paced the sidelines of Swanson Gymnasium as a boys basketball coach.  22 of those years he has spent at the helm of the varsity and over that span he has become the most successful boys basketball coach in Stony Brook history with a record of 224-157 for a .586 winning percentage.  This season is his 25th as a coach in the boys basketball program and in honor of his anniversary we would like to both recognize all that he has accomplished and hear his thoughts on over two decades of memories.

By the Numbers

  • 1 | Long Island Championship | 2010
  • 2 | County Championships | 2007 and 2010
  • 3 | League VIII Coach of the Year Awards | 1993, 1994, 2007
  • 4 | Trios of brothers coached | Jeremy, Jonas & Luke Fischer; Robbie, Jon & Dave Marvin; Burt, Foster & Logan Vimont; Jason, Danny & Michael Webster
  • 5 | League Championships | 1993, 1994, 2003, 2005, 2007
  • 6 | Faculty members coached | Nils Brownworth’93, Dan Hickey ‘04, Kevin Kunst ’89, Jeremy Linzee ‘93, Jeremy Meserole ‘96 & Stephen Pulliam ’90
  • 10.14 | Average wins per season in 22 years as varsity coach
  • 16 | Winning seasons out of 22 with the varsity including 8 out of the last 9
  • 17 | Most wins in a season |  (2002-03)
  • 17 | Most consecutive wins | (2002-03)
  • 33 | Most wins against a single opponent (Shelter Island/33-6)
  • 169 | Players coached
  • 224 | Career wins through Dec. 10th

I have immense respect for Mr. Hickey.  I love it when I get to know men of God who are excellent in what they do.  As a physics teacher his class was one I enjoyed attending and as a basketball coach, it was my joy to try and please him every practice.  No matter how many suicides or zig-zags, or other drills that made my body scream, I always wanted to be able to trot back to the sideline knowing that I did well by him.  I’ll always take his excellence in discipline, precision, and care for his players with me for life.

~ Isom Chapelle ’05

My favorite was when he would come in the gym with those 2 foot, white, SBS shorts along with a pair of high socks.  We all knew he came to play.  I love how competitive he was in coaching.  He would make us better players on the court and better men off the court.  Through all of my basketball experiences with him the one that stuck out to me the most was when he prayed with me after we played 1-on-1.  He has invested so much time and effort in me that all I can say is, thanks coach.  You are a perfect example of a man exemplifying Christ in his actions and somebody I strive to be like.

~ Mitch Singer ’08

I remember helping him beat Pierson on their home court for the first time.  I remember the offense he came up with for Dave [Marvin] and me, “Army.”  I remember him demanding my best and getting it, which still left something to be desired.  I remember him sitting me down and asking me what my goals were.  And in general, I remember coach as a Renaissance Man who invested in me, greatly, and made me better.

~ Seth Kuhn ’99

I want to say thanks for being a coach who was confident in me.  I think the only time you pulled me from a game was when I passed up an open 3.  Your belief in me allowed me to be confident and creative in my game.  Thanks for all the meals and pick-up games over the past summers too! Good luck this year!

~ Dave Marvin ’99

I really admired how he cared so much about his players individually.  Anytime I was struggling with something and he knew about it, he would do everything to help.  I remember during my last season at Stony Brook, I twisted my ankle pretty badly one week before the county finals.  I was sitting in my room by myself pretty bummed out when Coach came in, sat on my bed and prayed with me.  It was really special for me.

On a lighter note… my first season playing for coach Hickey was my sophomore year.  I remember I came to practice one day to see Lou Pizzichillo in super tight and short bright, yellow shorts warming up and shooting around.  Coach walked in and saw Lou and said, “Hey Lou!… (pause) you need to jump higher when you shoot.”  I thought it was pretty funny how he didn’t say anything about the ridiculous shorts.

~ Logan Vimont ’10

I was and still am not the most focused person and so a lot of the time my coaches didn’t really see what I was capable of athletically.  I always felt that regardless of how goofy or stupid I acted, he always saw me as the type of player I should have been.  I also think that, although it may not have been his style, he always allowed me to be silly enough so I still had fun while, most of the time, not being a detriment to the team or myself.  I will always be appreciative of the times I had paying basketball at SBS.  For those memories I will always be grateful to him.

~ Ryan Mealey ’04

Coach Hickey’s 25th Anniversary Team

Coach Hickey’s 10 Favorite Victories



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  1. Isom Chapelle permalink
    January 19, 2011 2:27 AM

    Love it!

    Keep it up Dan!


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