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Conversations: Kierran Petersen ’11

November 14, 2010

Petersen dribbles toward the goal vs. Southold

Kierran Petersen first began playing varsity soccer for the Bears as an 8th-grader and over the last 5 years she has been an essential cog in our girls soccer machine.  During her tenure the girls won 10 Championships including 4 County Titles, 3 Long Island Titles, 2 Regional Titles and our school’s 1st State Title.  Last season, during the girls’ run to the State Championship, Petersen was indispensable in the backfield, helping to hold our opponents to a paltry 2 goals in 5 playoff games.  This season, with 2 new additions on defense, Petersen adopted a more offensive role and became a potent threat, notching a hat trick against the Ross School and scoring a total of 6 goals while adding 4 assists.  By merit of her outstanding play she garnered All-Conference honors.  Her passion, tenacity and leadership will be missed next season.

>>What is your favorite memory from your SBS athletic career?

My favorite memory would definitely be playing North Salem two years ago.  It was raining harder then it had all season, and we were playing on turf that night.  North Salem was an amazing team, and could’ve beaten us easily, but we won out of sheer force of will.  It was like those sports movies that you watch, with the scenes in slow motion.  I felt like I was in an army more then a team that day, and I will never forget that.

>>What will you miss most about playing soccer for Stony Brook?

I will miss the people more than anything else.  I have played with some of these girls for 6 years, and we basically have become family.  I will miss the dynamic that we had off the field, that we would bring on the field.  It made us such a better team.

>>What 3 words would you use to describe your play on the field?

Gawky.  Desperate.  Deliberate.  I flail around on the field frantically (especially my weird chicken arm thing), but I always have a plan and I like to predict what will happen in the future and move accordingly.

>>Do you have any interesting pre-game rituals?

I am one of those people who listens to really hard rap.  Tech N9ne is one of my favorite pre-game bands.  But I think my weirder ritual is that I don’t wear my uniform shirt until I get to the field that we’re playing on.  Even if we’re at home, I’ll put off wearing the uniform shirt for as long as possible and wear a tee shirt instead.

>>What is your favorite sport to watch?

Although I do love watching soccer, my favorite sport to watch would be football.  I’m a big Saints and Giants fan.

>>What is your jam right now?

“Forest Whitiker” by Brother Ali.

>>What is your Se-Port sandwich of choice?

“Gasm.”  Without a doubt.  That is by far the best thing that has ever been invented.  Ever.

>>If you could be any animal which one would you be?

A crocodile.  Nobody messes with a crocodile.

>>When you’re not dominating on the soccer field what is your favorite thing to do?

Haha, thanks for saying “dominating”!  In my free time, I watch movies, especially action movies and comedies.  I’m just coming off of a Die Hard marathon, but my favorite movie would probably be Braveheart.


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