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On This Day In History | 1994

October 28, 2010

The ’94 League Champs | Fischer (Back row, 2nd from left), Meserole (Back row, 5th from left), Marvin (2nd row, 5th from left)

The 1994 boys soccer team won the 1st League Championship in program history after finishing the league season 10-0 (11-0-1 overall).  Res Gestae 1995 summarized the season: “A team balanced with youth, experience, new blood, desire, and determination to dominate opponents through passing, had set out to win a league title, and they achieved their goal.”

Having already won a championship, the Bears moved on to their first playoff game in program history.  School was let out early for the home game against Center Moriches and many were still making their way down to the field when the Bears jumped on the board first, a mere seconds into the match.  12 minutes later the blue and white added to their lead when Luke Fischer, the program’s 1st All-County selection, made a savvy play by quickly setting up a free kick before the Red Devils could assemble their wall, giving a 10 yard horizontal pass to Robbie Marvin, who blasted home his school record 21st goal of the season.  “The first goal was devsatating,” Coach David Church remembered.  “The second goal was a nail in the coffin and became a very big mountain for them to climb.”  The Bears had a chance at a 3rd score when Fischer narrowly missed on a gorgeous bicycle kick later in the match.  The defense protected the lead and keeper Jeremy Meserole recorded his 6th shutout of the season, breaking the school record set by Brian Madden in 1990.  “Jeremy came up big and really took control of the game,” Church recalled.  The 2-0 victory was the 1st in program history and set the mark for great championship teams of the future.

Luke Fischer scored 29 seconds into the game to give Stony Brook a 1-0 lead in its 2-0 win over Center Moriches.

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