On This Day in History | 1931

The 1931 Blue and White pose in front of Hegeman Hall

On this day 79 years ago…

The Blue and White opened the season against Greenport and scored in each of the first two quarters to take a 14-0 lead into the half. The second half was a defensive struggle and Stony Brook eventually won out 14-0 to achieve the first victory of their 6-1-1 season. George Whitmyre, who threw both touchdowns to Paul McClanahan, proved to be Stony Brook’s most valuable player on offense that season. Res Gestae 1932 described him as “our only triple-threat man, being able to run, kick, and pass with perfection. His sweeping runs around the left end were Stony Brook’s chief offensive threats. He was also an excellent defensive man, for not once during the past season did he miss a tackle at his position of safety.” Here are some details of the contest courtesy of Res Gestae 1932:

Stony Brook kicked off but recovered the ball on Greenport’s 20 yard line. On the fourth play a pass to McClanahan made the first touchdown of the year, with Whitmyre kicking the extra point. Through another fumble toward the end of the first quarter, Whitmyre made the second tally at the outset of the second quarter and kicked the extra point. In the second half Stony Brook failed to score. Although Greenport played a fine game, they never threatened the well-guarded Stony Brook goal. Whitmyre starred on the offense and [Tommy] Kaysel was the outstanding man on the defense.

New York Times Article from 9/27/1931

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