Lingle & Ogden Left Mark at Missouri

Lingle (on the right holding the trophy) led Missouri to the inaugural NCAA Indoor Championship in 1965

Stony Brook’s boys’ track tradition is defined by excellence. Winning 28 League Championships and multiple Conference Championships, Stony Brook runners have been a mainstay among Long Island’s elite. However, for two Brookers, their greatest achievements extended beyond the Fitch Field circuit. Stony Brook Hall of Famers Robin Lingle ’60 and Glenn Ogden ’65 enjoyed stellar careers for the University of Missouri Tigers and, though they crossed the finish line more than 40 years ago, their times are still prominent on Mizzou’s all-time record list. The tandem also won a combined nine Big Eight Conference Championships during their collegiate careers.

The University of Missouri’s Track & Field Record List

1000-Yard Run

#1Robin Lingle2:07.6March 1965Track & Field Federation Championships

Lingle defended his Federation Championship with this time in Milwaukee, WI, which also broke the American record in the event. The milestone still stands at Missouri.

A Roundup of the Sports Information of the Week

Robin Lingle of the University of Missouri, who ran the fastest 1,000 indoors this season (2:07.3), and John Camien of Emporia State, who equaled his best mile time (4:01.7), were the only defending champions who repeated at the U.S. Track and field federation championships in Milwaukee.

~ Sports Illustrated March 29, 1965

1500-Meter Run

#2Robin Lingle3:42.0June 20, 1964NCAA Championships

Lingle ran this time in “Track Town, USA,” Eugene, OR. It took 11 years for this record to be bested.

Mile Run

#2Robin Lingle4:00.3May 22, 1965Midwest T & F Federation Championships

It took eight years for this milestone to be broken by a mere 0.7 seconds after Lingle scorched the track in Kansas City, KS. Had he broken the four-minute barrier, he would have been only the tenth American to do so.

A Roundup of the Sport Information of the Week

Robin Lingle of Missouri ran the fastest college mile of the year (4:00.3) at the Midwest Federation championships in Kansas City.

~ Sports Illustrated May 31, 1965

Two Mile Run

#1Glenn Ogden8:46.0June 3, 1967Central Collegiate Championships

Three Mile Run

#3Glenn Ogden13:42.8April 20, 1968Dual meet vs. Kansas

5000-Yard Run

#4Glenn Ogden14:10.8April 20, 1968Dual meet vs. Kansas

4 x 800-Meter Relay

#2Robin Lingle7:17.8April 25, 1965

This relay team, anchored by Lingle, set the American record in the event with this remarkable time. It took 36 years for another Missouri team to break this record by a slim 1.03 seconds.

Conference Champions

1000-Yard Run

1964Robin Lingle2:11.7 (Indoor)
1965Robin Lingle2:09.8 (Indoor)

Mile Run

1964Robin Lingle4:10.0 (Indoor)
1964Robin Lingle4:05.9
1965Robin Lingle4:08.9 (Indoor)
1965Robin Lingle4:06.1

5000-Yard Run

1964Robin Lingle14:26.9
1968Glenn Ogden14:15.3
1969Glenn Ogden13:57.6


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