Class Night 2022

Tonight, for the first time since 2019, the annual Class Night festivities took place to honor the academic, athletic, and student life achievements from the 100th year of the Stony Brook School. Here is the athletic portion of the proceedings.

For 100 years now, Stony Brook Athletes have worn the Blue & White and tested their skill and courage in interscholastic competition. Yet, even after a century of outstanding achievement, this year saw numerous historic moments.

Our rowing team, in their first year as a program, will send individuals to Nationals.

The girls’ lacrosse team won the first championship in their history with an undefeated league title.

The baseball team went to the state title game for the first time, becoming just the second team in school history to achieve the feat.

The girls’ volleyball team won a 5th consecutive undefeated championship while winning a school record 38-straight league games.

And the dinghy sail team earned a berth in next week’s National Championship in San Diego for the first time in program history.

Beyond those fresh milestones, familiar standard-bearers maintained their excellence as the boys’ soccer, girls’ tennis, girls’ basketball, badminton, and boys’ and girls’ cross country teams all secured League Championships while the sail team won their second consecutive State Championship.

These achievements could not be realized without a dedicated, skillful, and supportive coaching staff. At this time I ask all of my coaches to stand and be recognized.

Winning feels good. It creates memories, it validates hard work, and it allows our community to celebrate each other together–and those are beautiful things.

But at Stony Brook, athletics must transcend the field. Winning is a worthy pursuit, but the way you play in pursuit of victory matters far beyond the final score–it can be rich soil for the growth of your character. How do you face a challenge? How do you respond to adversity? How do you wear your success and withstand your failure? How well do you rely on others and how dependable are you? Can you push yourself, beyond what is comfortable, for a collective goal?

Like everything else at our school, athletics must point back to character. And because we understand that and strive for that, it allows us to relish our victories and look our opponent in the eye in defeat with an equal measure of pride. Stony Brook athletes fiercely seek victory, but in such a way that even if the victory outruns us today, we’ve grasped something far more lasting in the process. That is why I love walking on the field with all of you each day. You’re my team and I couldn’t be prouder of you.

We will now take time to honor some individuals who made this year in athletics a special one. I will only be able to say about a dozen names and I wish I could say many more. But if you do not hear your name called tonight, I want you to remember that your teammates could not be standing up here without your support and dedication. Your fingerprints are on these trophies and I am grateful for all of you. For those of you that will hear your names, remember to thank your teammates, coaches, and loved ones who helped you reach for this achievement.

Major Athletic Awards

John Long Manager’s Award

Given to the athletic team manager who shows the responsibility and dedication demonstrated by John Long, Class of ’75.

Our recipient is as reliable as they come and has such an infectious personality that it cannot help but make an impact on the team’s culture. For his incredible contribution to the boys’ varsity basketball team, it is my honor to present this award to…

  • Lemuel Kutame

Clyde L. Mellinger Award

Two trophies in memory of Clyde L. Mellinger, the first Director of Athletics at The Stony Brook School, awarded to the eighth grade girl and boy, who have best demonstrated good sportmanship, courage, and best use of ability.

In a middle school that is full of outstanding athletes, these two rising freshmen made the greatest impact on their respective teams. Our female recipient earned three varsity letters and was named All-league in three track events. She is also ranked #21 in the nation among 8th graders in the 400 meters. Our male recipient qualified for the Easterns Swimming Championships in two events, won a Silver medal at the State Rowing Championships, and earned a berth at Rowing Nationals. These two athletes will be cornerstones of our athletic program for years to come. It is my honor to present this award to…

  • Scarlett Davey & James Wigington

Thomas W. Brohard, Jr. ’25 Wrestling Award

Named in honor of the SBS faculty member who is credited with bringing interscholastic wrestling to Long Island schools.  This annual cash award, endowed by Thomas W. Brohard III ’65, the late John S. Cather ’35 and his widow Edith Cather, is given to offset the college expenses of a wrestler.

Our recipient was a true leader for the wrestling squad this year through his uplifting attitude, consistent work ethic, and desire to train up his younger teammates. For his outstanding character and performance in varsity wrestling, it is my honor to present this award to…

  • Yinka Ashiru

The Bear Blanket

The Bear Blanket is the ultimate award for consistency in and dedication to athletics at The Stony Brook School. Recipients must earn a total of 12 points through team participation and postseason recognition.

  • Evelyn Apazidis
  • Lily Middlekauff
  • Joseph Spreckels

Marvin W. Goldberg Coach’s Award

Awarded to the coach who has demonstrated professionalism, expertise and compassion towards his or her athletic team. This award is voted upon by the varsity coaches of the Stony Brook School, lending the recipient the admiration of his or her peers.

This year’s recipient demands a lot from his boys and holds a high standard that reveals a belief in their potential, not just as ballplayers, but as young men. This year, he led the baseball team into the State Championship game, only the second team in the history of our school to earn that distinction. But our recipient will brush the accolades aside and tell you he’s just trying to raise up young men of character and simply using baseball to do it. It is my honor to present this award to…

  • Jon Brewer

Swanson Trophy for Superior Performance

Two trophies awarded in memory of the late Robert S. and Louise Swanson by Mary Jane and John P. Swanson ’47 for superior male and female athletic performance.

In the storied history of our track & field program, that includes State, Federation, and National Champions, no athlete had ever won two individual crowns in a single State Championship. Until this past Wednesday. At the NYSAIS Championships, our recipient charged to the 100-meter hurdle title in a school record time of 16.1 seconds to win the state title, then jumped 34-feet 11-inches in the triple jump to win a second gold. She added a runner-up finish in the high jump just for good measure. Whenever she spikes a volleyball or victoriously crosses the finish line, she captures our pride not merely through her incredible skill, but through the grace and joy she displays while competing at the highest level. It is my honor to present this award to…

  • Lilly Keegan

Our male recipient had the rare opportunity to stare down the best of the best and draw from a reservoir of courage and skill to emerge victorious. In April, he shut down Phillips Andover Academy, the #1 ranked team in New England, limiting their vaunted offense to just 3 hits in a complete game shutout that fueled a 2-0 Bear victory. In doing so, he outdueled the #1 ranked pitcher in America for the Class of 2023 and his 96 mile-per-hour fastball that is bound for Vanderbilt, if not one of the top spots in next year’s Major League Baseball Draft. But you would miss something about our recipient if you merely looked at his box scores. He has a toughness, a grit, an indefinable quality about him that binds people together. He is an unquestioned leader on and off the field and it is my honor to present this award to…

  • Jojo Franco

Swanson Trophy for Best All-Around Athlete

Two trophies awarded in memory of the late Robert S. and Louise Swanson by Mary Jane and John P. Swanson ’47 to the persons whose all-around ability, sportsmanship, and courage in varsity competition enabled them to make the greatest contribution to Stony Brook teams.

Since she first stepped on campus as a 7th-grader and earned two varsity letters, a League Rookie of the Year honor, and an All-League recognition, she announced to everyone that this award would one day be hers. She has been a mainstay of our volleyball team, earning All-league honors while helping the team to four straight undefeated League Championships. She was the League MVP in basketball and powered the team to a regular season league title. And she was an All-league recipient in track, earning a medal in two State Championship events. We’re so happy we have her back for one more year. It is my honor to present this award to…

  • Niamh Scanlon

Our male recipient embodies what it means to be an All-Around athlete. A captain in 3 sports and an All-league recipient in two, his teams were always better for having him a part of them. He anchored a defense that paved the way for three straight league championships in soccer and was a constant for both the wrestling and lacrosse programs. He is a faithful leader, but of the rare kind that can make an impact without having to say much. He simply points the way for others through his work ethic, attitude, and actions.  It is my honor to present this award to…

  • Joseph Spreckels

Bruce Finlay Vanderveer Award

The Vanderveer Trophy is our school’s oldest athletic award. Endowed in memory of Bruce Vanderveer ’31 and presented to the athlete who has shown the highest qualitties of sportsmanship. For 82 years it was presented specifically to a football player. Now it represents the standard for which every Stony Brook athlete should strive.

This is our school’s oldest athletic award, first presented in 1933 to honor the tragic passing of Bruce Vanderveer, Class of ’31, who remains a model for every Stony Brook student-athlete, 91 years after his graduation.

Bruce would truly enjoy watching our recipient compete. Her desire to win burns brightly, but never obscures the model she sets as a true sportswoman who puts her teammates before herself and shows respect for her opponent, no matter the outcome. For four years she has been a vital piece of our soccer and lacrosse programs, this year achieving the 100-goal milestone in the latter, but her most lasting legacy will be the standard she reinforced, daily showing us what it means to be a Stony Brook athlete. It is my honor to present this award to…

  • Morgan Ruggieri

Fall Athletic Awards

Marvin Goldberg Boys’ Cross Country Award

Endowed by the late David W. Cloos, M.D. ’61 and Nancy Cloos Babin.

  • Performance: Zack Xu
  • Contribution: Marc Nichitiu

Girls’ Cross Country Award

  • Performance: Evelyn Apazidis
  • Contribution: Eowyn Jeffrey

Golf Award

  • Performance: Michael Chen
  • Contribution: Elizabeth Birgeles

Fall Dinghy Sailing Award

  • Performance: Gavin Hudson
  • Contribution: Jeremy Lunati

Fall Rowing Award

  • Performance: Chang Yu (Jason) Lu
  • Contribution: Wyatt Van Law

Brandon Stuckey Boys’ Soccer Award

Endowed by Phyllis and Schuyler Stuckey with love and pride for their son, Brandon Stuckey ’93.

  • Performance: James Fay
  • Contribution: Tiger Winston

Girls’ Soccer Award

  • Performance: Alexis Savage
  • Contribution: Kate Ward

Buyers Girls’ Tennis Award

  • Performance: Carina Cristobal
  • Contribution: Caroline Helmer

Volleyball Award

  • Performance: Lilly Keegan
  • Contribution: Ava McCormick

Winter Athletic Awards

Taft Boys’ Basketball Award

Endowed by Lyman Taft ’45.

  • Performance: CJ Edwards
  • Contribution: Osazee Alapa

Girls’ Basketball Award

  • Performance: Niamh Scanlon
  • Contribution: Chloe Feldman

Boys’ Swimming Award

  • Performance: Oliver Griffin
  • Contribution: Hugo MacDonald

Girls’ Swimming Award

  • Performance: Ruth Crane
  • Contribution: Sofia Arrascue

Norman J. Wiedersum Wrestling Award

Endowed by Norman J. Wiedersum ’39.

  • Performance: Forest Kaplan-Walbrecht
  • Contribution: Carter Brett

Spring Athletic Awards

Boys’ Badminton Award

  • Performance: Glen Choi
  • Contribution: David Chang

Girls’ Badminton Award

  • Performance: Irene Qin
  • Contribution: Ariel Yu

Swanson Baseball Award

Given by Mary Jane and John P. Swanson ’47.

  • Performance: Jojo Franco
  • Contribution: Logan Charboneau

Boys’ Lacrosse Award

  • Performance: Bobby Reuter
  • Contribution: Luca Trama

Girls’ Lacrosse Award

  • Performance: Alexis Savage
  • Contribution: Emily Berger

Spring Dinghy Sailing Award

  • Performance: Steven Hardee
  • Contribution: Jeremy Lunati

Spring Rowing Award

  • Performance: Chang You (Jason) Lu
  • Contribution: Meghan Creighton

Pierson Curtis Boys’ Tennis Award

Given by the family of Mr. Jan C. Parmentier ’43, in memory of the School’s first tennis coach.

  • Performance: Clement Leung
  • Contribution: Jackson Petroske

Downey Boys’ Track Award

Given by the family of Bill and Earl Downey ’45, in their memory.

  • Performance: Zach Mogambi
  • Contribution: Tony Ying

Laura J. Shybunko Memorial Girls’ Track Award

Endowed by the family of Laura J. Shybunko, mother of Donna Shybunko ’83 and Anne Shybunko Moore ’89, in memory of her life of courage and strength.

  • Performance: Lilly Keegan
  • Contribution: Evelyn Apazidis

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