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Jayden Stroman
Jayden at the Brook last week (PC: Marcus Stroman)

One of our newest Bears is coming to campus this fall with an ESPN highlight already under his belt.

Yesterday, Jayden Stroman, our incoming eighth-grader, was featured on numerous platforms including and after hitting two mammoth home runs for his travel team earlier this week.

The blasts were newsworthy in their own right, but the fact that they came off the bat of Marcus Stroman’s little brother is what caught the eye of the sports world. Marcus currently pitches for the New York Mets and enters the shortened 2020 season on the heels of his first All-Star Game appearance a season ago.

On Monday, Jayden mashed a pitch to deep right-center that apparently never appeared to come down. Marcus tweeted out the highlight to his 485,000+ fans:

One day later, the younger Stroman was back at it again, sending this poor offering to the underworld:

The moon shots caught the eye of’s Michael Clair:

Few players have as much swagger on the field as Marcus Stroman. He pops and wiggles on the mound, and isn’t afraid to show emotion after getting big outs.

Looks like his little brother, Jayden, is already a step ahead of him. The youngster — who won’t even graduate high school for another five years — recently got hold of a pitch and drove it out of the park. He punctuated that with a killer bat drop and slow walk into his trot. This is an advanced home run celebration usually reserved strictly for professionals.

This wasn’t a one-time thing, either. Jayden did it again the next day. This one was even more impressive given how much air he got under the ball. The catcher practically fell on his back to watch it soar.

Even the undisputed best player in the game, three-time MVP Mike Trout, was impressed with Jayden’s power:

The dingers were also picked up by TSN, one of Canada’s leading sports outlets.

Jayden and his travel squad were the first to play on the the newly renovated Jeff Adams Field over the last few weeks, getting a feel for the brand new sod. Marcus even stopped by last week to snap a few pics:

Stay tuned for more highlights once Jayden puts on the Blue & White this year.


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