Badminton Sweeps LuHi to Claim PSAA Crown

B Badminton 2019
Sray in action earlier this season

This afternoon, the badminton team capped an undefeated league season by sweeping Long Island Lutheran, 11-0, to win the inaugural PSAA Badminton Championship.

Jerry Liu (15-11, 15-0), Glen Choi (15-3, 15-5), Tony Yu (15-6, 15-12), Mary Wang (15-5, 15-5), Leslie Kang (15-9, 15-5), and Nancy Man (15-3, 15-2) won the singles matches while Jack Yu and Caleb Spreckels (15-9, 15-10), Ian Liu and Ben Sray (15-6, 15-7), Lily Zhang and Ella Liu (15-3, 15-9), Jessie Wang and Ruby Li, and Lucien Liu and Louise Lin won their doubles matches.

The victory caps a dominant season in which the Bears outscored their opponents 97-4 in individual matches, recording seven sweeps in their ten matches. The title also gave the Brook a league-leading 13th PSAA Championship of the 2018-19 school year.

After the match, Glen Choi, Mary Wang, Leslie Kang, Caleb Spreckels, Jack Yu, and Nancy Man were recognized as All-PSAA honorees while Jerry Liu garnered regular season MVP honors and Tony Yu tournament MVP honors.



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