On This Day in History | 1937

Football 1937
The 1937 football team

On this day 81 years ago, the football team won their season opener vs. Bay Shore. Here is the account from Res Gestae 1938:

The successful 1937 season opened at Bay Shore with the Blue and White capturing a 13-0 victory. The opening quarter saw nothing but punts from both squads. Stony Brook eventually took control when Walt Whitmyre found Lee Redard for the game’s first score. The duo then replicated the previous play for the extra point, making the score 7-0 early. The second scoring drive of the game, galvanized by the running of captain Norm Aarseth, culminated in a touchdown pass this time from Redard to Whitmyre for a 13-0 lead. The defense of the Brook proved impenetrable, highlighted by the play of the game by Bob Dunlap.

With Bay Shore deep in Stony Brook territory, Dunlap, the backup center, intercepted a pass and raced to the Bay Shore 15-yard line where he lateraled to Hank Neber for another seven yards. It was a game featured by hard running and a good passing attack on the part of the victors.  As it was the first game for Stony Brook, many fumbles ensued, but regardless of these, the big Blue went on to a 13-0 victory over the Maroon.


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