Rutgers Offense Looking to Washington in a Number of Ways

Washington Rutgers
Washington vs. Texas State in the season opener

An article on Jerome Washington ’12 from Bobby Deren of, published on Wednesday, Sept. 19.


Rutgers Offense Looking to Jerome Washington in a Number of Ways

Rutgers does not have a wealth of veterans on the offensive side of the football, but coming into the season there was already a lot of experience and production out of fifth-year senior tight end Jerome Washington. He led the team in receiving last year with 28 catches and has added six receptions through the first three games of this season.

In last weekend’s ugly loss to Kansas, Washington was recognized as one of the offensive players who had a strong showing.

“I thought Jerome was the one guy that played really well, they could not handle him,” offensive coordinator John McNulty said this week. “I told Art [Sitkowski] just find [number] 88.”

Day in and day out, Washington has been taking a workmanlike approach to his final season of college football.

“I am building up to being the best player I can be,” Washington told Scarlet Nation after Tuesday’s practice. “Every day, I come out here and just want to continue to get better. I just want to do everything I can to help us get wins.”

Washington is one of the veterans on this Rutgers team and commented on what he is telling the younger players to help move past last weekend’s loss to Kansas.

“Just to continue to try and get better. If you are not, you are only getting worse. That is not going to help the situation. You can’t change what has happened in the past, but you can learn from it and make sure you don’t make the same mistakes. Even if it is hard, we have another opportunity to win a game this week. You have to have the mindset to come out here and get better.”

Washington is playing an abundance of snaps and commented on where he has improved most as a player.

“Definitely blocking and just learning how to read defenses and coverages. I have been watching a lot more film this year. I have been preparing better.”

The McNulty offense is using the tight ends in a variety of ways and that has been embraced by Washington.

“It is a lot of fun because we are used in a lot of different ways,” Washington said. “I have to know a lot of different positions. It is fun in terms of studying and having to watch film and breaking everything down.”

Washington admitted that learning the entirety of McNulty’s offense was not an overnight task.

“It definitely took some time. The terminology might be different and certain things are different, but it is not too bad if you study and watch film and put the work in.”

McNulty was a former tight ends coach in the NFL for the LA Chargers before coming to Rutgers and Washington mentioned how that dynamic has worked to his advantage.

“He knows a lot and has a very good understanding of the position. Everything he tells me in terms of technique and how to do certain blocks is great because there is another eye helping me clean up my fundamentals and just helping me become a better player.”



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