Washington Remains Rutgers’ Most Proven Receiver

Washington Rutgers
Washington vs. Maryland last season

Here is the latest on Jerome Washington ’12 from John Otterstedt of ScarletNation.com.


Jerome Washington Remains Rutgers’ Most Proven Receiver

Rutgers has returned its leading receiver from a year ago as senior tight end Jerome Washington is the most accomplished pass catcher on the team heading into the 2018 season. Washington finished with 28 catches last season and is looking to improve on that number in his final year as a Scarlet Knight.

“I am definitely more mature,” Washington told Scarlet Nation. “I understand that I need to really prepare myself and know what I am doing in terms of scheme and being able to read defenses. It is a lot more important to me now than it was last year because I wasn’t necessarily as mature last year. But now that I understand, I am more ready to really go out there.”

Washington is joined at the tight end position by Travis Vokolek and Nakia Griffin-Stewart as that unit appears to be one of the team’s biggest strengths. In a new offensive system run by coordinator John McNulty, Washington talked about the new roles of the tight ends.

“We are used a lot of different ways in terms of the pass game and the run game. It is just important to know what we are doing, know our assignments, study defenses, watch a lot of film and improve every day. It is definitely an important part of the offense because we are used in so many different ways and we have a lot of things we have to know and be able to read and see before it happens, so it is important to prepare.

“We have a lot of things on our plate, especially as tight ends in terms of the pass game and the run game, so I am definitely excited to be able to showcase the pass game and the run game attributes to our skills. It is definitely fun.”

And what has it been like working with McNulty, who was the tight ends coach for the Los Angeles Chargers last year?

“He is a great coach. He coaches us to be the best that we can be,” Washington said of McNulty. “He definitely pushes me to be the best that I can be every day. And I know that I have to just prepare every day. I can’t come out to practice not knowing what you are doing, so you definitely have to prepare.”

On a Rutgers offense where the wide receivers are unproven, the passing game may become even more tight end-friendly. And that is also a group that seems to be rather unified.

“I think we are all very good friends. We are all very close,” Washington said of the tight ends. “The room is very tight-knit. We all just get along and push each other, which is a good thing in the room. I definitely just try to build up my teammates. If I see something that I have seen before in terms of a certain play that could help one of my teammates, I will definitely point it out to them and help them. But I think we all try to watch each other when we are not in at that time. We all watch each other and critique each other so we can all get better.”



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