On This Day in History | 1960

1960 Fencing
The 1960 fencing team

On this day 58 years ago, the fencing team won the school’s first Long Island Championship. Here is the account of the bout from the June 1960 issue of The Blue and White.


Fencers Take L.I. Championship; Olson Acclaimed “Fencers’ Fencer”

The Long Island High School Fencing Association Championships were held on Saturday, May 7, at C. W. Post College here on Long Island. Six boys represented Stony Brooks’ Varsity and Junior Varsity teams. Dan Olsen, Sam Peters, and Doug Wedel fenced in varsity competition while Ed Hafner, Keith Gamboa, and Dave Oakes fenced on the second team. Stony Brook was competing against 10 other teams located on the Island. Each person fenced 10 bouts, and the total number of bouts won by the first three men determined the team championship. Olsen won nine and lost one, Peters came through with a perfect 10-0 record, while Doug Wedel won six and lost four. The total of the bouts won was 25, which gave us a two-bout lead over the runner-up team, Eastern Military Academy, therefore the championship.

After the team championship was decided, there was competition for individual honors. The six best men from the 11 teams fenced in this event. The title was won by Kaye of Wheatley. Peters of Stony Brook was third. After competition was finished, trophies and medals were awarded. The members of the first, second, and third place teams received gold, silver, and bronze medals, respectively. The winning team received a trophy, as did the individual winner. Then the fencers themselves voted for the Fencers’ fencer: the boy, who, in their opinion, showed the most sportsmanship and all-around ability. Dan Olsen of Stony Brook was elected and awarded a clock pen set.


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