On This Day in History | 1993

Penn Relays 1993 Track
The victorious 1993 team (front: Brownworth & Stuckey; back: Roderick, Patrick, Sholl & coach Robin Lingle

On this day 25 years ago, the 4×400 meter relay team won their race at the Penn Relays to bring a seventh Relays plaque home to the Brook.

The team of Brandon Stuckey, Allan Patrick, Ben Sholl, and Nils Brownworth won their race in a time of 3:31.2.


Stony Brook 4×400 Relay Penn Relays Champions

1949Bruce Dodd, Kendall Haff, Larry Burnell & Robert Evers
1951Dave Gillispie, Johnny Walker, Charles Cowan & Roy Avers
1958Wain Barnes, Ray Searby, Tom Gillan & Tonnie Coane
1960Robin Lingle, Jon Hescock, Peter Treiber, Peter Barmonde & John Fitch
1965Mark Govertsen, Bill Krampe, Peter Randall & Bernard Mumo
1977Mark Whitney, Peter Ljundquist, Keith DeBoard & Kevin Lockerbie
1993Brandon Stuckey, Allan Patrick, Ben Sholl & Nils Brownworth
2004Louis Gabel, Justin Song, Dan Hickey & Christian Francis


Penn Relays

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