Etienne Runner-Up at Nationals

Etienne New Balance B Track 2016
Etienne glides over the bar at Nationals

Yesterday afternoon, Jyles Etienne closed his American jumping season with a runner-up finish at the New Balance Outdoor Nationals in Greensboro, NC. The junior soared over a height of 6′ 10.25″ to narrowly miss winning the title, but settled for besting 25 of the nation’s best jumpers, including eight other State Champions and last year’s National Champion.

Etienne skipped the opening height of 6′ 4.25″ before missing his first two attempts at 6′ 6.25″. With the pressure squarely on his shoulders, he cleared it, then soared over 6′ 8.25″ and 6′ 10.25″ on his first attempts. After 6′ 10.25″, five jumpers were left in the competition, all of whom failed to clear 7′ 1.75″ meaning the title would be decided by a tiebreaker. Jyles, Javondii Myers, and Albert Kalala each did not record a miss at the previous height, so they moved to the second tiebreaker: total misses in the competition. Kalala had only one miss at the previous four heights giving him the championship. Jyles and Myers each had two misses at the previous four heights, leaving them tied for the runner-up spot.

Jyles’ 2nd place performance earned him an All-American nod, Stony Brook’s first since Jake Kenney garnered All-American status in lacrosse in 1996. Jyles’ jumping season will continue as he travels home to the Caribbean to compete in the Bahamas Open Nationals next week.



New Balance Outdoor Nationals Top 10

1.Albert KalalaCincinnati, OH6′ 10.25″
2.Jyles EtienneStony Brook, NY6′ 10.25″ (J)
2.Javondii MyersColumbia, SC6′ 10.25″ (J)
4.Eric RichardsEdwards, MS6′ 10.25″ (J)
5.Jack HerkertVerona, WI6′ 10.25″ (J)
6.Daniel ClaxtonNesconset, NY6′ 8.25″
7.Rahman MinorIndianapolis, IN6′ 8.25″ (J)
8.Brandon BurkeChurhville, NY6′ 8.25″ (J)
9.Jaron BrooksLexington, KY6′ 8.25″ (J)
10.Justin LewisLynn, MA6′ 6.25″


New Balance

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