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Etienne Wows at Division Championships

May 26, 2016

The late afternoon sun was low on the horizon and all events but one had finished at the Boys’ Track Division Championships, yet many were reluctant to leave. True greatness is an arresting thing to behold, and many were in the presence of an athlete who possessed such a quality.

Jyles Etienne won the Division III Championship yesterday evening with a leap of 6’10” to best the field by 8 inches. It was also the best jump of the day across all divisions by an astonishing 4 inches and reset the Division III meet record.

Etienne came in at 6’6″ after the entire field had completed their jumps. He cleared 6’6″ on his second attempt, making it the fourth time this season he has successfully elected to come in at that height. As the officials ratcheted the standards up to 6’10”, entire teams stopped loading their equipment onto their buses in order to watch one of the nation’s best jumpers.

After two solid attempts at 6’10”, Etienne soared over the bar on his third try to the delight of those that stayed to watch. From there Etienne attempted 7’0.25″, but the milestone remained elusive, though he made two very strong attempts. Etienne continues to knock on the door of the Suffolk County record of 7’1″ set in 1979 and will have several opportunities left achieve that mark starting with the County Championships next week.


Stony Brook All-Time Conference & Division Champions

  • 1978: Mark Whitney – Mile & 2 Mile
  • 1978: Keith DeBoard – 100 yd. & 440 yd.
  • 1978: Jeremy Goodwin, Mark Whitney, Andy Whitney & Keith DeBoard – Mile Relay
  • 1982: Larry Dy-Liacco – 400m
  • 1982: Mark Tangen – 1600m Walk
  • 1982: Joel Whitman, Daniel Henriksen, Andy Hoffman & Jim Santiago – 4×880 yd Relay
  • 1993: Allan Patrick – 200m
  • 1993: Allan Patrick, Brandon Stuckey, Nils Brownworth & Michael Roderick – 4 x 100m Relay
  • 1995: Luke Conti – 110m Hurdles & 400m Hurdles
  • 1995: Matt Mattimore – 100m
  • 1995: Matt Spooner, Marc Vega, Larry Wilson & Matt Mattimore – 4 x 400m Relay
  • 1995: Peter Mantius, Steven Meltzer, Gerald Iza & Ryan Steenburg – 4 x 100m Relay
  • 2005: Justin Song – 100m & 200m
  • 2005: Heejae Yang, Andy Park, Jules Gilimpundu & Justin Song – 4 x 100m Relay
  • 2008: Billy Collins – 800m
  • 2010: Taylor Colucci – 100m
  • 2011: Khoren Lawson – Triple Jump
  • 2014: Charles Tankeh – 100m & 200m
  • 2016: Jyles Etienne – High Jump


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