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Alumni Basketball Weekend Returns

March 31, 2016
Alumni Basketball Weekend 2015 Masakayan George

Marco Masakayan ’13 drives against Jovan George ’11 in last year’s Young Guns game

This weekend over 50 alums will return to campus for the 3rd Annual Alumni Basketball weekend.

The weekend will center around a full slate of events on Saturday, including a three-point shooting contest, a dunk contest a ceremony honoring the accomplishments of the 2016 boys’ and girls’ programs, and games between different classes.

As part of the registration, we asked our alums to share their funniest memory from their basketball career and one thing they learned from their coaches. Here is what they remembered.


Funniest Memory

  • Marco Masakayan ’13: “Beaning Jon Wentling in the face with a solid chest pass.”
  • Pete Carmel ’07: “The fact that every mistake Kentori made he would look at his hands as if someone dumped lotion on them. He would spend at least 5 seconds after turning the ball over rubbing his hands together and talking to himself.”
  • Michelle Spurlock (Boutcher) ’01: “Hearing Keith Singer scream like a girl at a game-winning three-point basket right as the buzzer sounded.
  • Josh Shteierman ’01: “Hampton Bays fans yelling ‘Elvis!’ at Alex Seel every time he stepped on the court.”
  • Tory Abrahamsen ’10: “The level of ridiculousness always sustained on our bus rides. ‘FLAMINGO!’…you had to be there.”
  • Natalie Istrati (Webster) ’11: “Mr. Singer singing his heart out to Taylor Swift on our bus rides.”
  • Michael Webster ’10: “Mr. Austin making the whole JV team run suicides because Farqu fell on the floor after I slapped his butt as payback for his original slap of mine.”
  • Laurell Smith ’08: “When Mitchell Singer broke Mr. Tillotson’s ankles at the varsity vs. faculty game! The crowd went wild!!! I sure did! I don’t think Mr. T played much basketball after that hahaha.”
  • Ahmet Salihoglu ’08: “Three” (Eric voice).
  • Dave Marvin ’99: “I like to bring up Seth tripping as he was running down the court against Pierson… and I’ll never apologize for that. I’ll forever hold it close to my heart.”
  • Naliah Bryan ’06: “Falling asleep during a game and suddenly getting called in. Then sheepishly trying to shoot in the opposing team’s basket. Not my hottest moment.”
  • Jovan George ’11: “Mr. Austin offered us a dollar per charge we took because we were fouling too much. That game is still the only time in my life I took a charge.”
  • Eric Duff ’08: “Too many involving Mitch Singer.”
  • Adam Duff ’07: “Eric Duff out-scoring Ross single-handedly in a game.”
  • Brittany Bell ’09: “Way too many amazing memories and laughs to sort through, but my nickname will always be ‘Taco.'”
  • Mike Cryan ’07: “My breakout JV game after Phil McNair rolled his ankle in the Cold Spring Harbor Tournament in 2004.”
  • Candace Baker ’10: “Our sing-a-longs on the way back from away games!”
  • Seth Kuhn ’99: “When Jake Scott thought he could guard Jon Marvin. Jon gave Jake a juke and he fell over.”
  • Ed Rooney ’04: “I can’t remember a specific memory but whether it was on the bus after games or in the locker room before/after practice, those were always funny times. For some reason I just remember constant rap battles.”
  • Isom Chapelle ’05: “Too many to count. Scoring a basket and celebrating vs. Shelter Island when I was called up from JV to Varisty, only to have Ryan Mealy remind me we were already up by 30.”
  • Danielle Spiliotis ’09: “When coach singer made us watch tape of Allegra Istrati pulling a Port Jefferson player’s hair, repeatedly.”


One Thing You Learned from Your Coach

  • Brittany Bell ’09: “Singer taught me to overcome anyone’s initial negative perspective of me and to find ways to prove them (and sometimes myself) wrong. Legend.”
  • Andre Bruno ’13 on Coach Hickey: “The Princeton offense–not standing in one place during an offensive possession.”
  • Mike Hickey ’05: “Coach Brownworth had faith in me to run the point even when I didn’t. His confidence gave me confidence.”
  • Marco Masakayan ’13: “Coach Brownworth: always to stay composed, have fun, and no matter how old and legendary you are, a solid fist pump can go a long way. Oh, and that guy, Steve Harney. He may or may not have doubled my confidence and basketball IQ.”
  • Michelle Spurlock (Boutcher) ’01 on Coach Singer: “The hard work put into something makes the success all the more meaningful. The fun of the sport is found through the amount of work you put into it. Work hard for yourself and your team and the fun will follow.”
  • Ahmet Salihoglu ’08: “Brownworth: ‘Big men run the most from baseline to baseline every game, that’s why they need to be in the best shape.'”
  • Eric Duff ’08: “Can’t ever forget Brownworth’s rating system that showed you how well you were truly playing.”
  • Jason Webster ’05: “Coach Brownworth taught me patience.”
  • Natalie Istrati (Webster) ’11: “Mr. Singer tried his hardest to teach me how to roar so that I could be more fierce on the court.”
  • Pete Carmel ’07: “Mr. Brownworth taught my the best look-away drop step in history that still works to this day. He spent countless hours with my 15-year-old self to perfect it.”
  • Josh Shteierman ’01: “Coach Hickey’s ‘Triple Threat’ and ‘BEEF.'”
  • Luke Meyer ’15: “‘Always be a confident leader.’ – Coach Hickey.”
  • Tory Abrahamsen ’10 on Coach Hickey: “Just because you’re on that last suicide, doesn’t mean there won’t be another ‘overtime’ suicide. That, and how much of the game is won by proper floor positioning, playing your role well, and always ‘seeing the ball.'”
  • Jasmine Liverpool ’06: “‘Run’… Mr. Singer.”
  • Emmanuel Smith ’06 on Coach Hickey: “Focusing on fundamentals, not flash.”
  • Dave Marvin ’99: “Mr. 300 AKA Coach Hickey – Shoot with confidence. Seriously though, whenever I talk about the green light I had at SB, people always say, ‘I wish I had a coach that let me shoot.’ Allowing me to shoot with confidence and encouraging me to do so made basketball even more enjoyable that it already was. And Harney – That dude is just such a good encourager/coach. I never had him as a coach, but I just wanted to say that.”
  • Laurell Smith ’08: “Singer: Practice makes improvement. You must train to be better. 5am practices on winter breaks is dedication.”
  • Jovan George ’11” “Learned angles from Coach Hickey. He always talked about where we should be when someone shot from a certain spot on the court because that’s more likely where the ball would bounce.”
  • Dune Baydoun ’04 on Coach Hickey: “Stop needlessly jumping to slap the backboard, no one cares.”
  • Richie Armand ’12 on coaches Brownworth & Hickey: “You shoot a higher percentage when you get the pass inside out, as opposed to side to side.”
  • Candace Baker ’10: “Mr. Singer taught me a number of things throughout my time at SBS, but one thing that has stuck with me is the value of hard work and practice. With practice, hard work, and of course Singer and Helm, I was able to improve my game throughout my four years on the team.”
  • Adam Duff ’07: “Brownworth: be calm and composed no matter what is happening and have a true appreciation for the statistical end of the game. Hickey: that having a little confident and aggressive streak is a good thing on the court. Also that I will never be able to shoot like him.”
  • Naliah Bryan ’06: “Singer taught us hard work and perseverance.”
  • Seth Kuhn ’99: “From Coach Hickey, that ball control is the most important thing in basketball. To be be fierce, to be smart, to get the ball to a Marvin. I remember Mr. Brownworth encouraging me to use my big hands to my shooting advantage, covering more of the ball with a slightly wider grip.”
  • Ed Rooney ’04: “What I learned from Brownworth/Hickey is how you carried yourself mattered as much as the outcome of the game. Whether we won or lost, we always acted professional.”
  • Danielle Spiliotis ’09 on Coach Singer: “How to be a woman of character.”


Check out the list of confirmed attendees here.

Check out the schedule of events here.


Alumni Basketball Weekend


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