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Girls’ Tennis History

September 7, 2015
The 1996 squad earned the program's 1st League Championship

The 1996 squad earned the program’s 1st League Championship

The history of our girls’ tennis program is impressive, especially when considering that their success was earned against some of the biggest schools in Suffolk County.

Due to the limits of fading daylight during the fall season, tennis leagues have typically been determined by geography rather than school population. The program won its last four League Championships in leagues where we were the smallest school, sometimes by eight to ten times. The girls’ success despite being undersized is a badge of honor for Stony Brook Athletics.

While he never won a League Championship, the father of the program is unquestionably Fred Jordan, who led the team for 11 years. His 79 wins over that span are the most of any girls’ tennis coach by a wide margin and he presided over such individual greats as Porter Beermann, Cathy O’Neill, Christie Russell, and Bernadette Storey.

Since Jordan’s departure, four different coaches have led teams to League Championships, evidence that while coaches and players have come and gone, the standard of success has remained. A year ago, Jennifer Crane led the Bears to an undefeated League Championship and a team record-tying 13 wins, meaning that standard may be higher than ever.

For a PDF with a detailed look at season-by-season records, lists of team championships, and individual honors click here.


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