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On This Day In History | 1925

May 8, 2015
The baseball team, circa 1925

The baseball team, circa 1925

On this day 90 years ago, the baseball team defeated Huntington, 12-8 in a thrilling game. When the victors returned to campus, the raucous celebration spilled over into the late evening, culminating in a wild trip down to Stony Brook Village.

Here is the account from the May 13, 1925 Bulletin:

Stony Brook defeated Huntington High School at Huntington in what Coach Mellinger afterwards termed as “The greatest prep school game I have ever seen played.” Clark worked with precision in the box and retired twelve batsman via the strike-out route, his speed ball worked to perfection. He struck out the Huntington sluggers in 1, 2, 3, order in the sixth inning. Jackson played a nice game at first base. Stony Brook swung a dangerous bat during the whole game.

After the game, Stanley Wood was unanimously elected baseball Captain. The school then celebrated its victory over Huntington by marching to the beating of drums and great shouts into the sleeping village of Stony Brook. After George HelIen’s house and a cottage full of thirty beautiful maidens had been serenaded, the tired but happy bunch trooped home.


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