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Andersen Named Team MVP

May 5, 2015
The William Smith crew team (Anderson: back row, 3rd from left)

The William Smith crew team (Anderson: back row, 3rd from left)

Last week, Emily Andersen ’11 was named the Most Valuable Rower of the William Smith College crew team.

In her fourth season with the squad, she helped guide the Herons to a fifth consecutive Liberty League title with two thrilling wins over Rochester Institute of Technology.

Andersen always put her teammates first, saw and celebrated the diverse talents and personalities of every member, and helped the team meet challenges with an honest and persistent but cheerfully optimistic approach. Athletically, she attacked this year with a fierce determination. She helped the varsity eight earn a gold medal at the Liberty League Championships, guiding the Herons to their fifth straight conference title. Along with the rest of the varsity eight, she collected Liberty League Boat of the Week honors twice this season.

Andersen was a three-time member of the Liberty League All-Academic Team and earned ECAC NIRC Stewards All-Academic honors twice. She was also a member of the Liberty League Novice Crew of the Year in 2012.

~ William Smith College Press Release

Here are her thoughts on the honor:

The award is team-voted and that’s what makes it incredibly meaningful to me. It is definitely the proudest moment of my life to date. The thing about rowing is that you have to make whatever seat you are in as fast as you can. Even if you’re in the last varsity boat, if you’re working hard every single stroke you push the people who are faster than you are to be even better. That’s the philosophy I try to have. Even last spring, when I wasn’t fit enough to be boated, I still tried to push my teammates to be the best they could be. I think the girls saw my dedication to the sport and to the team, even when I, personally, wasn’t successful.

I love my sport. I try to let that love guide my approach to practices, even when I haven’t had a day off in a week and coach has us running 10 miles; even when it’s freezing and raining and it’s 6am and we were just on the water less than twelve hours ago. Sometimes you hate rowing even when you love it. I think that is something every athlete can relate to. I always figured that if I have to do it, then I’m going to do it with as much positivity as I can. That mentality is important to me and I think that it helps my teammates to get through tough pieces.

You make us proud, Emily!


William Smith

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