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Alumni Basketball Weekend Returns

March 23, 2015
Action from last year's weekend

Action from last year’s weekend

This weekend more than 20 former Bears will return for the 2nd Alumni Basketball Weekend.

The weekend will center around a full slate of events on Saturday, including a three-point shooting contest, a ceremony honoring the championship teams from the boys’ and girls’ programs, and scrimmages between different classes complete with referees. Steve Harney ’04 spawned the idea for the weekend last year and it was an overwhelming success. We look forward to more fun memories and great basketball this year as well.

As part of the registration, we asked our alums to share some of their favorite memories from their time on the basketball team. Here is what came back to them:

“Feeling the pain of getting back in the groove after Christmas break.”

~ Dan Anderson ’04

“Eric [Duff] outscoring Shelter Island. (It might have been Ross, though). And being a part of the team that made the Long Island Championship.”

~ Adam Duff ’07

“Eli Knowles’ game-winning buzzer-beater.”

~ Ahmet Salihoglu ’08

“Winter break practices. It was always special practicing with alumni and getting away with pick-up games as a practice. It’s special to be on the reverse side now, and realizing how fortunate we were to be part of such an established program.”

~ Tory Abrahamsen ’10

“Beating East Rockaway for the second time to win the Long Island Championship!”

~ Candace Baker ’10

“Senior year, before each game, we would gather in a circle up and start chanting “tick-tick-tick-tick-tick” before breaking into “BOOM-EHH-EHH-EHHH.” Sounds silly but I’ve never been more pumped-up and ready to play. I remember before our first game at Mercy after chanting, it seemed like half the team could dunk in layup lines (that is, until we got a technical for it).”

~ Forrest Hull ’11

“The time Robbie Sequeira brought two left shoes to the Smithtown Christian game.”

~ Nick Pizzichillo ’13

“Road trips to all the away games.”

~ Jim Santiago ’82

“Seth [Kuhn] tripping running back on ‘D’ against Pierson. And watching that tape years later. And rewinding to watch him trip again… and again… and again…. Doin’ work against Hauppauge and celebrating like someone who had never been there before… Playing with my brother, Jon… Beating Bridgehampton at home senior year.”

~ Dave Marvin ’99

“My teammates.”

~ Josh Shteierman ’01

“We had a rough season my senior year. My favorite memory during that time was making a game winning shot with only seconds left on the clock from way beyond the three point line. Coach Singer screamed like a girl and rushed the court with the rest of the team. Only thing that made that moment even better was that my dad was in the stands!”

~ Michelle Spurlock Boutcher ’01

“Finishing as undefeated League Champions in 2003 to bring home the program’s 1st League title since 1994. That was a fun team to play with.”

~ Dan Hickey ’04

“Isom Chapelle celebrating like Joe Namath after winning the Super Bowl for making a buzzer-beater fast break bank shot that finalized a 101-35 victory over Shelter Island.”

~ Brendan Penn ’04

“Rolling my ankle in practice but starting the game the very next night, making coach proud.”

~ Nick Baydoun ’04

“Going undefeated in 2003.”

~ Ed Rooney ’04

“Beating Greenport twice to win the League Championship in 2005 and watching Isom’s vicious blocks.”

~ Mike Hickey ’05

“Christmas Tournament at Cold Spring Harbor. Steve Harney’s game-winner in the final seconds. When everyone in the building knew who was going to take that shot.”

~ Isom Chapelle ’05

“All the creative plays Singer would put together.”

~ Naliah Bryan ’06

“Playing for Coach Singer in general was a ton of fun.”

~ Jasmine Liverpool ’06

“Every game against Ross.”

~ Ryan Mitchell ’07

“Beating Pierson in the 2014 County Championship.”

~ Andrew Daniel ’14

“The 2008 playoffs vs. Southold.”

~ Fabrice Gaillard ’08

“The last home game senior year because Lou [Pizzichillo], Christian [Wentling], Fabrice [Gaillard], Ahmet [Salihoglu] and I started the game. Unfortunately Mitch [Singer] couldn’t play but he was obviously a large part of our class.”

~ Eric Duff ’08

“Beating Southold in the County Championship after losing to them twice during the season”

~ Mike Webster ’10

“Winning the Long Island Championship in 2010.”

~ Richie Armand ’12

“Beating Pierson in the County Championships in 2013.”

~ Andre Bruno ’13

“Playing against coach singer during practices and going to States.”

~ Danielle Spiliotis ’09

“Undefeated JV season 12-0… throwing a between-the-legs pass to Andrew [Daniel] for a possible dunk… blowing Pierson out in the County Chip… hitting Jon Wentling in the face with a chest pass… Forrest [Hull’s] jump stop no look passes.”

~ Marco Masakayan ’13

“Blowing out Pierson in the County Chip two years in a row.”

~ Brandon Odom ’14

“Winning the Long Island Championship obviously, but also putting in such a strong and honorable game against Pine Plains in the Regionals. Though we did not win, the boys who played that day kept their heads held high, and when they left the gym that day, they took a giant step towards becoming men.”

~ Joe Corrado ’13

“Beating Southold in 2010 for the County Championship and celebrating around Gino while he cried on the floor.”

~ Farqu Taylor ’11

“Eli Knowles’ game winning shot to beat Greenport at Greenport.”

~ Pete Carmel ’07

2015 Alumni Basketball Weekend Roster

  1. Jerry Britton ’76
  2. Tony Fort ’76
  3. Dave Marvin ’99
  4. Josh Shteierman ’01
  5. Dan Anderson ’04
  6. Dan Hickey ’04
  7. Mike Hickey ’05
  8. Adam Duff ’07
  9. Ryan Mitchell ’07
  10. Pete Carmel ’07
  11. Lou Pizzichillo ’08
  12. Ahmet Salihoglu ’08
  13. Eric Duff ’08
  14. Fabrice Gaillard ’08
  15. Danielle Spiliotis ’09
  16. Jovan George ’11
  17. Richie Armand ’12
  18. Nick Pizzichillo ’13
  19. Marco Masakayan ’13
  20. Joe Corrado ’13
  21. Andre Bruno ’13
  22. Andrew White ’13
  23. Andrew Daniel ’14


Attached you will find the schedule of events for the weekend as well as histories of the boys’ and girls’ programs. We hope to see you in the stands on Saturday for what is sure to be an entertaining day.


Alumni Basketball Weekend

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