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On This Day In History | 1943

November 13, 2014
The '43 football squad

The ’43 football squad

On this day 71 years ago, while the football team was waging gridiron battle with Port Jeff, the minds of two of its coaches could not have been further from the field.

During the course of the game, head coach Floyd Johnson and assistant coach Stuart Gillis became fathers. The arrival of Marilynn Rosina Gillis and David Floyd Johnson certainly must have erased any displeasure the two generals felt over the 24-7 loss to their crosstown rivals.

As spring comes on the scene, we shall no doubt see Coach Johnson keeping a baby carriage moving with one hand while he signals his displeasure at the errors of his baseball players with the other. What Coach Gillis will do while he is training his track squad must be left to conjecture.

~ February, 1944 Stony Brook Bulletin


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