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On This Day In History | 1939

October 28, 2014
Scenes of the '39 football season from Res Gestae 1940

Scenes of the ’39 football season from Res Gestae 1940

On this day 75 years ago, the football team defeated the Hofstra College freshman, 6-0, in a close battle on Fitch Field. After a scoreless opening half, Bud Fleming’s pass to Phil Ahrenhold provided the game’s only points as the Blue and White downed the collegians.

The October, 1939 edition of the student publication, Le Dernier Cri, gives account of the victory:

The record of this game could well go down as, “The underdog comes through.” A big, burly crowd of freshmen invaded our campus on Saturday, October 28, bent upon smashing the Blue and White. When the two teams took the field it looked like a Hofstra Freshman victory. They appeared as a prancing college outfit. However, the Big Blue, still thinking of their last defeat, prepared to crush the mighty Hoftrsa eleven and so even their schedule with 2 wins and 2 defeats.

The first quarter saw hard-fighting teams, each testing their opponents’ ability. The Stony Brook line was superb, guards and tackles playing hard, rough football. The highlights of this quarter were splendid ball-toting by our fast-stepping backs and long-range punting by our toe master, Fleming. The second quarter featured more bang-up defensive work by our fast-charging line. Alert halfback Cole, who proved the spearhead of the Stony Brook defensive, played with the scrap that carried the rest of the team to heights of determination and fight. The rugged boys of the Blue and White line displayed an entirely different spirit from their previous starts. Each man was in there fighting. The plunges of the stalwart backs of Hofstra were stopped dead in their tracks. The half ended with the score 0-0.

After the regular half-time interval, play was resumed and Stony Brook started to open their attack. Wiedersum, our shifty captain, repeatedIy made long gains around the ends. After threatening numerous times, the Big Blue team, on a pass from Fleming to Ahrenhold, scored a mighty sizable six points. The try for the extra point failed, and the locals drew up to lead 6-0. From that point on, Stony Brook was found wide awake and fighting. Cole and Fleming broke up the furious, desperate passing attack of the Freshmen by timely interceptions and brilliant runbacks. The game ended with the ball in the possession of Stony Brook on the 20-yard line, endeavoring to push over for another score.

Orchids for this game go to the excellent field generalship of Jerry Browning, who really played brainy foot ball from his quarterback post.


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