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On This Day In History | 1940

October 18, 2014
The 1940 Football Squad

The 1940 Football Squad

On this day 74 years ago, the football team engineered a thrilling, 14-13 comeback over Adelphi. Trailing 13-0, the Blue and White staged a rally in the final minutes of the game to steal a victory and improve to 2-1 on the season. No retelling of the contest could improve upon the account written in Res Gestae 1941. The words are like a time capsule.

*     *     *

The Blue and White came back to win over a highly favored Adeiphi team on October 19. This, the third game of the year, proved to be the highlight of the season. Coach Ruffner almost had a case of epilepsy. The first quarter, as a result of a strong cross wind, settled into a punting duel; both teams landing the ball in the coffin corner. In the middle of the second quarter the Roughnecks carried the ball down to Adeiphi’s 20 only to have the drive stopped by an intercepted pass. The half ended scoreless with little excitement except the brilliant kicking of the two teams.

The third quarter had action-a-plenty. Adelphi started to move. Herzog went over for the first Adeiphi score on a brilliant run of over 40 yards. Then at the beginning of the fourth quarter he crossed the goal again on a line buck. But he missed the extra point. Then things began to happen. There were only five minutes of the game left and things looked pretty dismal. But the Stony Brook spirit got to work. Ahrenhold recovered a fumble on Adeiphi’s 32. Then Paul Stewart passed to swivel-hipped Ludwig, who made a spectacular catch in the end zone for the first talley for S. B. S. Deahl booted the ball through the uprights. Again after a series of plays P. Stewart passed to John Deahl over the goal line for the talley. Then while the crowd was tense Deahl calmly place-kicked the ball through the uprights for the winning point of the game.

Up to this time Adeiphi had boasted of an undefeated tea. To cover themselves up a radio broadcast stated that the varsity players were in the shower when the rally started. As a fact, even Herzog played until the last moment. If this is not true I’ll eat this whole page (with or without salt).



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