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Tennis Finishes Perfect Season

October 14, 2014
The girls after defeated Sachem East (Photo credit: Coach Crane)

The girls after defeating Sachem East (Photo credit: Coach Crane)

Perfection is elusive.

To do something flawlessly is a rare and praiseworthy achievement. For a team to achieve perfection is an especially difficult undertaking, for to achieve perfection on an individual task you need only rely on yourself. For a team to achieve perfection a collection of individuals must be galvanized as a single unit, motivated to pursue a singular goal. Disparate aspirations, attitudes, personalities, and abilities must be melded together to form a cohesive group. They must put the team above themselves. They must be dedicated to sacrifice, hard work, and flexibility. Their desires must be subservient to the team’s. This type of unity can only occur with the right leader, a coach who can inspire their athletes to care more about others than themselves. Even if a group can attain such a level of solidarity, they must have the ability and determination to execute. Such a confluence of achievements is not often realized.

But that’s exactly what our girls tennis team did.

Last Thursday, October 9th, the girls finished their league campaign with a record of 12-0, earning the program its fifth League Championship in its 33-year history. In a rematch vs. Sachem East, who the team defeated by a narrow 4-3 margin on September 17th, the girls were tied with the Flaming Arrows with only one singles match remaining. The match and a shot at perfection came down to a 7th-grader with a scorching forehand, named Sadhana Sridhar. After winning the first set 6-2, she dropped the second, 5-7, leaving the match to be determined by a final third set. Sadhana found the strength to grab the momentum back and overcome her opponent, 6-3, helping the Bears complete their quest for perfection.

This team was defined by its work ethic, illustrated by daily runs up the Buyers’ Park steps, early morning technique work before class, and the willingness to squeegee the courts when it rained instead of taking the day off. They were accepted with grace the assignment to play singles or doubles, depending on what the team needed on a particular day. They celebrated each other’s accomplishments as though they were their own. They had the right leader in coach Jennifer Crane who helped the girls, who finished 3-9 last season, realize what they could accomplish. This team was special.

Separately they were far from perfect. Individual games and matches were dropped. Backhands sailed wide. Double-faults found the net. But as a team they were flawless. They were complete. They were perfect.

They will also be remembered as one of the greatest tennis teams in Stony Brook history, as their thirteen victories leave them tied for the program record with the 2012 team that went 13-5.

Thanks for an unforgettable season, ladies.

League VI Results

  • Sept. 5th @ Comsewogue | 7-0
  • Sept. 8th vs. Rocky Point | 6-1
  • Sept. 10th @ Mt. Sinai | 4-3
  • Sept. 12th vs. Bellport | 7-0
  • Sept. 15th @ Sachem North | 5-2
  • Sept. 17th vs. Sachem East | 4-3
  • Sept. 24th vs. Comsewogue | 7-0
  • Oct. 2nd @ Rocky Point | 7-0
  • Oct. 3rd @ Mt. Sinai | 5-2
  • Oct. 6th @ Bellport | 7-0
  • Oct. 8th vs. Sachem North | 6-1
  • Oct. 9th @ Sachem East | 4-3



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