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On This Day In History | 1927

October 8, 2014
Billy Baker

Billy Baker

On this day 87 years ago, the football team improved to 2-0 in a 20-0 victory over Patchogue. A week after defeating Valley Stream 19-6, the Brook dominated Patchogue thanks to scores from Russel Hershey, Billy Baker, and John Bradshaw.

No summary of the action could improve on the account written in Res Gestae 1928:

The team-work and the condition of the fellows improved one hundred per cent a week later when they humbled Patchogue High School 20-0. Hershey, our rip-roaring fullback and Captain, crashed over for the first score of the game after he had lead his team in a long drive from mid-field. His smashing plunges tore up the opposing line when all other plays failed. After Stony Brook kicked off, Patchogue lost the ball on downs and was unable to stop Baker as he straight-armed, side-stepped, and dodged his way through a broken field for sixty yards and a second touchdown. The game see-sawed back and forth until the last few moments of play, when Bradshaw tore off two long gains in rapid succession and scored Stony Brook’s third touchdown.

The 1927 team finished with a record of 6-2 that year, giving coach Charles Ruffner a record of 11-3 over his first two years as head coach. While the 1930 and 1931 teams equaled the win total set in 1927, it would not be broken until 1948 when the Blue and White finished 7-1 under Floyd Johnson, a record they still share to this day with the 1997 squad.


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