Tennis Wins League Championship

The girls celebrate their League Championship (Photo credit: Coach Crane)
The girls celebrate their League Championship (PC: Coach Crane)

This afternoon, in a 7-0 sweep over Bellport, the girls’ tennis team claimed Stony Brook’s first League Championship of the 2014-15 school year. After finishing 3-9 a season ago, thoughts of a 10-0 start and an outright title against schools like Sachem East, Sachem North, Mt. Sinai, and Comsewogue seemed distant. As the smallest school in League VI, the Bears would have to outwork and outthink their opponents, unable to simply rely on raw talent, and under the tutelage of first-year coach Jennifer Crane, that’s exactly what they were able to do. A tennis practice under coach Crane is a model of efficiency; every drill and movement has a purpose. Every piece builds on another.

But for a team to excel, it cannot just be the coach who is dedicated and sacrificial. The players need to invest, and our girls were all-in from the beginning. Their willingness to push themselves during runs up stadium stairs, to meet coach for individual instruction on chilly mornings, to place the team above themselves is what has made this such a special group.

The result of their dedication is the fifth League Championship in the 33-year history of the girls’ tennis program and the 148th League Championship in Stony Brook history. To celebrate the historic win the team took a detour to a local beach in Bellport and enjoyed a beautiful sunset.

Here are the results from today’s match:

Olivia Bratt6-2, 6-0
Angela Wong6-0, 6-0
Ha Min Cho6-3, 6-2
Julia Braat6-0, 6-0
Julie Wu & Jillian Ho6-2, 6-3
Jessie Xiao & Gracie Xie6-1, 6-1
Brianna Holochuck & Chelsea Garbe6-1, 6-0

Olivia played great singles as usual. Singles two, three, and four were particularly exciting to watch because these girls have honed aggressive net games in doubles and now have integrated those skills into their singles play. Many points were won at the net in these matches. All of the doubles matches went quickly. They all were off the court in short order because they served, volleyed, and returned so well.

~ Coach Crane


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